May 30, 2024

Official Vimeo iPhone app

VIMEO users – upload, watch, manage and even edit your videos right from your iPhone.

go download it from the app store!

The Official Vimeo iPhone app is finally here!

For all you bloggers who go to hip hop shows, film from the front row on your iPhone and
then later dump to your computer, edit the footage and upload it to Vimeo, now you can
skip a few steps, avoiding the computer altogether!

As you can see from the screenshots, you can edit the footage right on your iPhone, adding music, Titles, summary, etc., then upload it directly, without waiting as the footage slowly loads onto your computer. iMovie processing can be notoriously slow, Final Cut even longer, so since you caught the show on your phone anyway, not a professional camera, you might as well edit it on there too and not waste time.

Vimeo app for iphone

In blogging, speed is of the essence, as others have also filmed it on their cell phones, but unlike them, you will not wait to get home, dump and edit, possibly not uploading until
tomorrow. You will have your footage prepared and uploaded tonight, beating out the competition and getting those first valuable hits!

* If you are using this app now, please post a review in the comments. Thanks.

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