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Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) – Ask Anyone (MF DOOM Tribute)

ASK ANYONE is a tribute for MF DOOM from LICE with love. LICE is
Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman, sharing some bars giving MFDOOM some roses.

#RIP the underground legend, another dope MC who changed the culture for the better across several decades, from Zev Love X to MF DOOM. Long live MF. I’ll let Aesop and Homeboy Sand say the rest.

Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) - Ask Anyone (MF DOOM Tribute)

One Love.


Vocals – Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman
Beat – MF DOOM
Photo – Owen Brozman
Layout – Alex Everson
Vocal Mix and Master – Joey Raia


Aesop Rock: Roses for the OG MF, where were you when Bob dropped the OG Deadbent? I was over Tony’s on some “Whoa is that? No, is that…? Yes it’s Zev Love X, sounding reckless” I took it to the head and heart You were back as Metal Face and threatening my pearl white Acura from the 2nd bar Barfing up a master class in charismatic disrespect And trash talk, mask on, mac and cheese Timberlands Sold the first Apple Seed cd’s at your Brownies show While you were saying “something to remember like the Alamo” I was yelling every word and never late And when you finally played “Hey!” I felt the venue levitate Ask anyone, L.I. to upstate Come to learn it’s only phase 1 of the flood gates DOOM stay gluing true grit to the bass line And made himself a hero and a villain at the same time Back in ‘94 you had that line about the Nikes on the wire I’d always see these Nikes on the wire when I was driving through a neighborhood somebody said you stayed in Convinced I’d found the actual inspiration For the record I was not even close to the right neighborhood Even when the heart is pure, the brain is mush Thank you for the stories, and the fuck you to the normies Brewin said we lost our Jordan, I would sprinkle in some Vorhees and agree Breeze I have this memory of me and you Rapping Meat Grinder to each other at a BBQ in BK Got the same memory with a couple other people too Trading DOOM lines, that’s what people do You were always kind to me in person I tried to play it cool but I was always kinda nervous 30 summers a guide in the muddy waters To the man with many names: I hope you’re somewhere with your brother, yea

Homeboy Sandman: Supervillain tho Illin tho Chopping records that my parents listened to DOOM was on a mission to remind you that the magic is what matters But where’d he find that banter? Where’d he find them patterns? He ain’t had no manners My favorite villain is The Drop off Viktor Vaughn But every time I hear the Great Day intro I’ma sing along And cats be sleeping on the GMO’s them lessons on point We share a brother in Kuri from the ? joint Supervillain in the function then his peoples never far Thanks for introducing us to John Robinson and Stahhr And a era full of rarified jewels And making use of airtime for making bad hairlines cool Being crazy takes guts Monsta Island Czars had a rep for being nuts Extra special words Scent of special herbs still lingers My pantheon is Bird and Mingus, Prince and Metal Fingers Larger than life, he had his own Nikes I’m a Clearweather brand dude but dag DOOM MM FOOD was the anagram Fresh put me on I proceed to put on anyone that was famalam And Every particle genuine article Okay you stiffed a few promoters Who thought they booked the man under the mask but they could never tell for certain Walking the walk, while talking in third person He wore a mask so the charge won’t grab On a rooftop with a large stone slab Seen where the industry was going and Had the gonads To go “nah” Thanks A bar is not a measure Of music DOOM was doing it’s a unit a buried treasure No one ever done it better So I’ma keep my computer on caps lock forever.





HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Today, Winter Breaks 2 is officially available on all major streaming platforms just in time for the holiday season. Click the icons or the cover art to hear it now.

As we approach what may be an exceedingly difficult holiday season for most, Bop Alloy (SUBSTANTIAL & MARCUS D) returns with Winter Breaks 2 hoping to end an abysmal year on a high note. The tracks on Winter Breaks 2 exude light, warmth, honesty, and hope from every pore, which is exactly what you’ve come to expect from the intercontinental jazz hip hop duo.

This is soulful Hip Hop, perfect for snuggling up by the fire (or at least turning the electric heater up high, when the landlord’s being cheap with the oil, lol), with a glass of wine or some hot cocoa. So press play and grab someone to cuddle with.

La Bamba – The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg (the6ixers)

La Bamba – The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg (the6ixers) is the first single/video off The6ixers EP on 6th Man Entertainment / MCMI Records. The song, produced by Grammy nominated producer Nottz, dropped a week ago, but now comes the video, a short film animated by Adesoji Ademola, who did the video for MCMI’sUNICORNS” by LEVELS band a year ago.

The two Plague brothers The Bad Seed and LR Blitzkrieg were inspired by their brother Robert PH Diaz (listed as executive producer) and the fact that they share the same birthday – February 6th.

With cuts by DJ Eclipse, the song – powered by an eargasmic sample and signature Nottz drums and bass – is an appetizer of Spanish soulfood and an entree of pure Hip Hop. The video explains the concept of the EP, a story of two assassins for hire, ready to make any rappers disappear. While there are some interesting concept songs on the project, the lyrics on this one are full of braggadocio and tough talk, setting the tone. Anyone disrespecting – or just in the way – is getting eliminated.

The video, a parodic nod to Tarrentino’s Pulp Fiction, was the brainchild of LR Blitzkrieg, who also did all the graphics, EP and song covers, digital graphics being one of his many talents. (#TheMediaBlitz)

The two Plague brothers Bad Seed and LR Blitzkrieg came together inspired by their brother Robert PH Diaz (listed as executive producer of the EP) and by the fact that they share the same birthday with each other, February 6th.

The Full EP is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Check the FLOWPAGE for more places and ways to hear the music.


– GMS | @GMS_MCMI | @MCMIreport

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New EP The 6iXers by The Bad Seed & LR Blitzkrieg produced entirely by Grammy nominated hip hop producer Nottz


Prod by NOTTZ, this collection of heatrocks is super Boom Bap, has the sonic qualities that got it played on DJ’s from Statik Selectah’s #SHOWOFFRADIO, to DJ Premier’s #LiveFromtheHeadquarters, to DJ Eclipse & DJ Riz‘ #RapIsOuttaControl even before it dropped, with the attitude of protesters turned rioters, who’ve had enough of this 2020 bullshit.

Got a problem you need solved? someone you need to make “disappear”? call The 6iXers!

The 6ixers has equal parts tough talk, humor, hardcore realism, social commentary and enough lyricism to satisfy any connoisseur of fine Hip Hop. The longtime friends and members of The Plague, are also united by their brotherhood with the late great underground king Robert PUMPKINHEAD “PH” Diaz, plus share the same birthday (February 6), which inspired the name, so you might say it was fate. The two have been on Plague tracks together in the past, but have wanted to do a project like this for years.

Speaking of Pumpkinhead, he is featured on the infectious “Got Your 6ix”, while the 6ixers are joined by Planet Asia on the neck-breaking track “Riot Music”. Cuts by Tone Spliff and DJ Eclipse are the icing on the cake.


And the beats? … Oh yeah, they BANG!! Super Producer NOTTZ put his foot all the way in this one. I have my favorites, but honestly, you can rock this 8-track EP straight through (6 songs, 2 skits), without touching the skip button.

If you are familiar with Nottz work – “Home Sweet Home” (Lord Have Mercy/M.O.P), “Dangerous MC’s” (Notorious B.I.G/Busta Rhymes), “W.O.L.V.E.S.” (Krumbsnatcha/M.O.P.), “Say Dat Then” (Slaughterhouse), and more recently several tracks off of Busta Rhymes ELE 2, including “Slow Flow” (with Ol’ Dirty Bastard) and “Look Over Your Shoulder” (ft Kendrick Lamar), just to name a few – then you are going to call this “CLASSIC Nottz!” Discog:

I personally was introduced to Nottz when he and The Bad Seed first collaborated on the songs “Uhhnnh” and “For The Kids”. If you want to do your homework, look those classics up. Nottz’ track record since then is impressive, but it’s nice to see he still puts in work with independent artists. He even circled back around and hooked up with Bad Seed again a couple years ago for “No Way In Hell”.

Fast forward to 2020 and this project is a PROBLEM! Major label or Indie, a great song is a great song and The Bad Seed and LR Blitzkrieg (listen on SPOTIFY) have been putting out classic material on the independent scene for years. Both have dropped music with groups (Hydra, The Plague, OBS) and solo. Seed reps 6th Man Entertainment and Blitzkrieg is co-founder of the MCMI, the label, clothing brand and creators of this actual website!

Both also know how to play supporting roles, from touring with Mims and Miri Ben Ari, to performing and producing music in groups with PH, Jean Grae and others. So when these two friends of 20 years – who just happen to share the same birthday, get together over an album of Nottz beats? … What’d you expect would happen?

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MCMI REPORT: NEMS – Love Love [Official Video]

MCMI REPORT: NEMS - Love Love [Official Video]

NEMS drops an official video for “Love Love” featuring Zandra Kaya aka Zee Funk; an unreleased record from the acclaimed “Gorilla Monsoon” album, which also features the underground favorite “Gahbage“, the slice of reality “Heavy Metal” and the heartfelt “Kings“.

This track is a parody/remake of Mase’s “Tell Me What You Want From Me” and proves the FYL general and battle rap heavyweight can also spit game to the ladies and put together a song which approaches commercial sensibilities (use of eye candy, humor, clever quote from Ghostface off “Cream”). But don’t be fooled by the title and Mos Def like crooning of “Love Love” in the outro, NEMS is a foul-mouthed thug and this song is not to be played when the kids are in the car!

If you like the more vulnerable side of NEMS, check out this other joint off his mixtape Skinny Nems, called Light One. NEMS also has an dope collab project with ILL BILL called GORILLA TWINS, available on every platform.

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