May 30, 2024
FREEDOM (HOW WE GET) featuring CHORDZ CORDERO is the next single off of the album ALONG THE WAY 777, from MCMI's co-founder GMS!

FREEDOM (HOW WE GET) featuring CHORDZ CORDERO is the next single off of the album ALONG THE WAY 777, from MCMI’s co-founder GMS! The Official Music Video drops this SUNDAY, January 15th (a nod to Freedom fighter Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) here.

Along the Way 777
The GMS Album “Along the Way 777” is now available for Pre-order! You will get the songs TEACHER feat BAMBOO and FREEDOM (HOW WE GET) feat CHORDZ CORDERO right away!

Fans and supporters can purchase the album through Pre-Order, where they will receive the songs, videos, artwork and NFT’s, 1-by-1 “along the way”. You are along for the ride and can also join GMS on the journey, through his podcast series Along the Way with GMS, which airs on youtube, and other social media (follow all GMS channels) and details the recording process, the stories behind the songs, making of the videos and everything in between.

So what is the song FREEDOM (HOW WE GET) all about?

It is about whatever “freedom” means to YOU. For GMS, it was freedom to improvise with the flute and make Hip Hop beats as a producer. Chordz showed you his idea of freedom in the lyrics –

“Together, no matter how high,
How high the mountain – lost souls, wandering,
Searching for light and truth
Knees on the planet, head to the clouds,
Praying for salvation, oh,
Everyday we battle – with others – and ourselves”

letting you know that he

“wont stop ’til I get my freedom”.

However you interpret Freedom, whether personal, religious, financial or freedom from oppression, anyone can relate. Freedom is a life long mission we all struggle to achieve.

How did the song FREEDOM come about?

GMS tells it like this

Freedom (How We Get) is a song that came about so organically! I made the original track when Dennis Mitchell of Stonebrown Studios came over to install a computer I use in my home studio. While testing out the new system, I made a quick beat, picked up my flute and played a into the microphone. I saved the session and forgot all about it.

Years later, Chordz Cordero came through to work on a different project, but I had that beat playing with the flute on it, when he entered. When I went to switch it off, he said, “Wait, what’s that? Leave that on for a minute”.

Chordz sat down, took out a pen and pad and started writing. He says the flute inspired the melody. The lyrics – those were inspired by something higher than both of us.

I turned on the mic, he laid down the vocals and the rest is history! Of course, we took it to Stonebrown Studios in Brooklyn to put finishing touches on it! “

The result is jazz infused, gospel influenced, pure Hip Hop Soul! No raps on this version, but look out for several remixes, with GMS and his amazing friends rhyming on them, in the near future!

The song is dedicated to Dr. MLK Jr, Malcom X, Gloria Steinem and Freedom Fighters throughout history, reaching for freedom, for themselves and for the world.

What does “Freedom” mean to you? Let us know in the comments.



FREEDOM (HOW WE GET) feat CHORDZ CORDERO (Bookends Mix) (single)
TEACHER feat BAMBOO (clean) (single)
ALONG THE WAY 777 DELUXE DIGITAL (with Bonus sings and extras)

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