June 23, 2024

Amazon Cloud Player

I’ve been hearing about Google’s new Cloud based music store/app player for awhile now, but it looks like Amazon beat them to the punch. This may change the way you listen to music forever!

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Here’s how it works in a nutshell…Amazon Cloud Player is powered by the Amazon Cloud Drive, a storage locker for any and all types of files (put your session files, lyrics, videos whatever!) but right now lets focus on the music. Amazon right off the bat gives you 5 gigs of free space, and will give you 15 gigs more once you buy your first album from the amazon music store! (i suggest picking up Pharohae Monch’s W.A.R. today!) thats 20 gigs of free space and you can buy more space at about a dollar per gig. per year.

Once you’ve signed up, uploaded your music files to your account and downloaded the app to your ANDROID phone/tablet (or any PC/laptop) you can now access your music library anywhere you get a 3G,4G, or WiFi signal. you also always have the option of physically downloading your songs directly to your device! its a great service as long as you don’t work underground or in a cave where you cant get service. and best of all its free! hopefully when Google announces their music service it will come with even more free space since they now have competition with Amazon. give it a try and let us  know what you think in the comments.

scan the QR code or download from the link below.


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