May 28, 2024

MCMI REPORT: Bad Seed Drops Final Album ‘COREYOGRAPHY’

Bad Seed Drops Final Album 'COREYOGRAPHY'

Bad Seed Drops Final Album ‘COREYOGRAPHY’

After a brief hiatus from rap to work on some films and a web series, Corey Pierson, aka Bad Seed is back with what he calls one final album. Inspired by the loss of his close friend and crew member Robert PH Diaz last year, Seed decided to toss his hat int he ring one last time. This time it’s personal. Executive produced by PH, Bad Seed brings you COREYOGRAPHY.

The first single off the album is BELT OFF, produced by NOTTZ, for which a video will be dropping shortly. If that track is any indication, fans are not going to be disappointed by this new album. With beats by NottzMarco Polo, Will Tell and other dope producers, this is definitely one of his finest works.

After listening to an advance copy of the album, I have to say one of my personal favorite tracks is Are They OK, produced by Tone Jonez, about losing so many of our favorite artists recently, from Prince to Phife, and wondering about Sade, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan and other musical treasures. ‘Keep Bouncin‘, produced by Dr, No, is a tight ‘down the line‘ track, with Seed, Mic Handz and Mims, spittin’ bars over a hot beat.

Bad Seed Drops Final Album 'COREYOGRAPHY'

Then there are concept songs ‘Django Unfiltered, about feeling like a slave to our 9 to 5, F*ck Cancer, about losing loved ones to the cursed disease. All in all it is a very well rounded album, giving us just the right balance meaningful content and hard beats and rhymes. At first because of the title, ‘Coreyography’, I thought it would be more autobiographical, but I see now, it actually touches on different things that Seed feels strongly about, different sides of Corey.

In the song ‘5 Minutes’, Seed airs out his feelings about the old Makin’ Records crew, which had differences and went their separate ways long ago. He references “307”, meaning 307 Clinton, which was the old Makin’ headquarters, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Half way through the song, the beat changes and the late great PH drops some poignant lyrics, mentioning Makin’ Records and his transition to partner in MCMI Records, years later.

The album drops July 8th, on all digital outlets…iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon – all the usual suspects. The single is available on those outlets as well.

Check out the interview below.

Interviewer: Graeme “GMS” Sibirsky for MCMI Report
Subject: Corey “Bad Seed” Pierson

You’ve been doing film and web series for a couple of years now. It’s been awhile since your last musical release. When and why did the idea for this album come about?
My dude PH is the whole reason for this album…His energy…I could literally hear him sayin “Sonnn…it ain’t over sonnnn….” Over and over and over again…so I listened…

Why is this your last album? Are you calling it quits?
Yea thats it. Although … me and Nottz are talkin about doin a whole project together … you never know

So for NOTTZ you’d come back, lol. I can understand that. 
Ha!!!! You never know man….I’ve been feelin like a Coreyography Vol.2 … but again … you never know … for now … I wanna just focus on the film thing a lil bit.

Most of the songs are concept records. With songs like They Don’t Love You, Malice, Black Hoodie, Belt Off, She Lied to ME, Fuck Cancer and Turn It Off, it seems like you getting a lot of things off your chest. Are you angry at the state of Hip Hop, or of the world in general right now?
PH always used to tell me that his favorite thing about me as an artist was my concepts. A lot of the songs are very personal songs, things I am going through or things I’ve already gone through, so that, plus PH’s energy pretty much shaped the theme.

What was your writing process? You have a plethora of great production – NOTTZ, MARCO POLO, WILL TELL, VES, DP, TONE JONEZ – did you get beats first and then write to them or did you have concepts in advance you wanted to make and then get beats?
I dont usually have concepts pre-loaded per se’.  Most of the time I just listen to what the beat is saying to me. If it fits a feeling or an emotion I can identify with, I go there.  There is a lot of really dope beats that were submitted that didn’t make the album, or even to the writing stage, because they didn’t fit the zone I was in.

BELT OFF was a natural choice as a first single, reuniting with NOTTZ, who laced you with bangers at the start of your career. What other songs might be your next singles/videos?
Ahhhhhhh mannnnn, lol. There are quite a few records on there. The Nottz joint definitely set it off lovely.

I like Are They OK and F*ck Cancer, they are the ones that I think lend themselves to the public consciousness the most. F*ck Cancer, is one of those PSA type songs that media likes to focus on, since its a cause.
Its crazy, because those are two I’m thinkin’ about. Are They Ok was a song that hit me when Prince passed. It was like DAMN – another one, another hero – GONE!!!! Basically its me sayin’ to call the heroes we got left and make sure they ok.  Fuck Cancer was a personal song. My niece passed away from it. She was only 3. My man Moe Beats passed from it. My childhood friend Mel passed from it. Not to mention all the countless others we have lost to it. The distributor wants the Marco joint, but Keep Bouncin is dope too *shrugs* … still got joints like Get Along … and alot of ppl like Take Flight too…. its crazy … Kings Queens, lol mad joints.

If you could sum it up into one sentence, what do you want people to take away from this album about you, Corey Pierson, the man behind Bad Seed? 
I have been very disappointed by people…the human race in general.


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