April 14, 2024

KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE MEMORIAL CONCERT – June 24th 6pm #ripKyle #history

We made the news! Now come help us make history!!


Tickets, Donations & Info: bit.ly/kylejean

Thank you Ayana Harry on CHANNEL 11 PIX NEWS for the wonderful story!

Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert

If you were watching the TONY’s a week ago, you may have seen the dedication to fallen heroes in theater at the end, where they had the poster of Les Miz next to a picture of KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE, the first African American Actor (and the youngest) to play the lead role, Jean Valjean, in Les Miserables on Broadway.

Wednesday night Ayana Harry from Channel 11 PIX News did a story on tonights Memorial Concert. It really brings light to what we are doing to promote Performing Arts education in schools and to use Kyle’s story of success to inspire young people everywhere, to go after their dreams and live a positive life.

Kyle Jean-Baptiste Memorial Concert

TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! If you would like to join us as we make history with this Memorial Concert, you can pay at the door (if it isn’t sold out) or secure your tickets online at bit.ly/kylejean. Proceeds go to the PS 276 KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! You will find more info below.

– GMS aka “Mr. Sibirsky”
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Kyle Jean-Baptiste was my music student when I taught at PS 276 in Canarsie Brooklyn 10 years ago. At his funeral service my old Chorus Co-Director Mindy Giraud and I talked with Kyle’s mother about doing a memorial concert at PS 276, Kyle’s old school, to remember him and to inspire others to go after their dreams in music and theater. Kyle was a huge inspiration to others when he was alive and we wanted to continue to inspire people, especially young students, with his amazing story

So this Friday, June 24th (which happens to be Jean-Baptiste Day!) will be the KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE MEMORIAL CONCERT in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Will Ray, who is a cast member of Les Mis and is the current understudy for Valjean, will be singing songs like Bring Him Home, which Kyle sang in the show. Qaasim & Khalil, of JUGGERNAUT WAR PARTY, will be performing originals. Qaasim went to school with Kyle at LaGuardia High School. Several other former friends, classmates, teachers and family members, will perform song, dance and instrumental music in Kyle’s honor.

The PS 276 Alumni Chorus, made up of kids that were in the Chorus with Kyle, when I taught music at the school, will be putting on an incredible reunion performance, doing the songs we did with Kyle when he had his first chance on the stage, in 2003 & 2004.

MCMI’s Keith WildChild Middleton will perform songs from his album Transitions and I will play a Jazz and Classical set with my father Charles Sibirsky, on piano and flute. Some of my current students will also perform, to show why we need to keep Performing Arts in schools.

This will not be your typical concert! If you love musical theater, rock, funk, soul, disco, classical music and spoken word you will LOVE it! And all proceeds form ticket sales go directly to the PS 276 KYLE JEAN-BAPTISTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND, so that each year a graduate of PS 276 will receive an award from the fund, to encourage them to pursue further education in Performing Arts.

Hope to see you there!


Tickets & Info: bit.ly/kylejean

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