July 15, 2024

Raekwon @ Lyricist Lounge Celebrate Brooklyn Prospect Park 2011

In case you missed it, MCMI’s own LR Blitzkrieg was on hand with a camera to capture Raekwon the Chef’s set at the Legendary Lyricist Lounge Celebrate Brooklyn Prospect Park, July, 2011.

Raekwon performs a montage of his classic material at the Prospect Park bandshell show thrown by the Lyricist Lounge team on july 9th 2011. Cash Rules, Can It Be All So Simple, classics off 36 Chambers and Wu Tang Forever … ending with Ice Cream.

Rae and his DJ gave a great performance, changing beats during every song, creating a live “remix” of each classic, before returning to the original beat to finish it. His pacing, choice of beats, and mic control were masterful. Newbies take note, learn from the older Gods. This is how you rock a show.

Shouts to Wu-Tang Clan, Danny Castro & Ant Marshall.

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