July 15, 2024

Ras Kass Discusses “Nature of the Threat” 15 Years Later


I was over on TheBeeShine.com to check out their latest installment of “What inspires [name of artist here]” on MCMI friend and affiliate Poison Pen (I will post that in a minute), when I came across this interesting introspective piece in which Ras Kass talks about his classic song “Nature of the Threat“, why he made it and possible affects on his career, 15 years later.

Nature of the Threat” was one of the songs that solidified Ras Kass in my mind, as a serious artist, a wordsmith, a deep thinker and a super intellectual lyricist. In order to write that song, you have to be a spitter, yes, but you also need to be a scholar, know your history and not just read a textbook, but know what and where to research to find information that is not on the surface, but takes some digging. DJ’s dig in the crates? Well, Ras Kass digs in the books.

Check out Ras Kass’ newest video A.D.I.D.A.S (All Day I Dream About Spittin’) ft. Frankie Finch, (below). Listen to and purchase the entire digital album from his official BandCamp page.
For more info, go to his blog style site RASKASS-CENTRAL.COM

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