July 15, 2024

R.I.P. – Heavy D Tribute + DJ GMS Top Ten Heavy D Classics


So, by now you’ve probably heard the sad news that the Heav-ster is no longer with us in physical form, although his music remains to inspire us forever. I guess I was a little perplexed to read all the top media blogs explaining that Heavy D, real name Dwight Arrington Myers, had the hit record “Now That We’ve Found Love“. It could be because he just performed the song at the B.E.T. Awards last month, but still I feel that a better discography than that is in order.

Heavy’s first songs were Hip Hop classics and inspired many many artists, including for one, the Notorious B.I.G., who mentions him on the song “JUICY” and gave him a cameo role as a bouncer in his video for “One More Chance“. Biggie got a chance to shine with some major players at the time when he was featured on Heavy D’s posse cut “A Bunch of N****s” along with 3rd Eye, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Guru & Rob O. I’ve read that this was Biggie Smalls debut on wax, but I’ve also heard that about his collabos with Super Cat and Mary J. Blige, so I’m not positive. Not only did Heavy D inspire Biggie that he could be overweight and still dress fly and rap to the ladies, but he played an instrumental part in Diddy’s career, being one of the hit artists propelling Uptown Records, where Diddy (at the time Sean “Puffy” Combs), started interning and then moved up to A&R. Hev’s first group, Heavy D & the Boyz, which included DJ G-Whiz (Glen Parrish) and hip hop dancers Trouble T. Roy (Troy Dixon) and Eddie F (Edward Ferrell), was the first group signed to Uptown Records, headed at the time by Andre Harrel.

heavy d & the boyz
heavy d & the boyz

Another interesting peice of Hip Hop trivia, Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s biggest hit record “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)” was about CL’s cousin, Trouble T Roy, who died tragically while dancing back up as one of the “Boyz”.

After his first two albums, Living Large and Big Tyme spawned several hits in the late 80’s, both going gold, Heavy dedicated his next album, the platinum Peaceful Journey to Trouble T Roy.  KRS ONE had always mentioned his fallen comrade DJ Scott LaRock on his records, but never actually made a song about him (post mortem). They Reminisce Over You and Peaceful Journey had became the first Hip Hop tribute records.

Heavy D went on to Record the slept on but critically acclaimed Blue Funk album, as well as a songs with the likes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Supa Cat and B.B. King.

Heavy D was one of the first Rappers (if the THE first) to be given the job of President of the label (a fact not lost on Jay-Z, I’m sure), as President of Uptown Records. After putting out the Lost Boyz album “Legal Drug Money“, Heavy D decided running the show behind the scenes was not for him and he focused more on acting for awhile. He was a musical pioneer, actor, fashion trendsetter and the model of a rapper turned business mogul.

If that’s not enough, the ‘Overweight Lover’ was also one of the first MC’s to foray into the world of film and television, getting his start on the sitcoms A Different World, Roc and Living Single and later was cast in the television series Boston Public, The Tracy Morgan Show, Bones. He sang the theme song for both In Living Color and MadTV and appeared in several films including Life, Big Trouble, The Cider House Rules, Wong Fu’s, Step Up, New Jersey Drive and most recently had a  cameo as a security guard in the Tower Heist starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

Heavy D
In between stints as a television and movie actor (he did one Off-Broadway play, Lawrence Fishburne’s Riff Raff), Heavy returned to the charts to bring us Nuthin But Love and Waterbed Hev, hitting us with a few more classic records. He most recently had released a reggae fusion album called Vibes, which you can check out on iTunes, but below you will find my top picks of his past work. He had also recently guest appeared on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

So there’s a brief History Lesson for you youngsters. Now do your Homework! Here are some of my favorite Heavy D classics, some not mentioned on other sites, for you to reminisce over. I’ll be playing these records tonight as I toast to the man the myth the legend, Mr. Big Stuff, MC Heavy D.

DJ GMS Top Ten Heavy D classics:

1. Mr. Big Stuff  - The one that started it all off! 1986!

2. The Overweight Lovers In The House

3. Girls They Love Me – This next one you can see what looks like PETE ROCK with a High Top Fade! Could be him, he is shouted out on the song. I remember the first time I heard Pete Rock DJ on the radio, he played this record and kept bringing it back on his name in the last verse!

4. You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet“Tic Tac Toe-in, three in a row-in’, Sit back relax, listen to a Pro-in…”

5. Super Cat – Dem No Worry We – ft. Heavy D

6. You Can’t See What I Can’t See – Cameo from a young Diddy and Public Enemy on this one!

7. Nuthin’ But Love

8. BLUE FUNK! Shouts to PETE ROCK on the BEAT!

9. Soul For Real – Candy Rain ft. Heavy D

10. Now That We’ve Found Love ft. Aaron Hall
There are many more great ones, but that’s my Top Ten!


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