May 30, 2024

PackFM (Live in Basel, Switzerland)

PackFm Live

Shout outs to CUNNINLINGUISTS and all of QN5. The Oneirology Tour has been burnin’ up Europe. Plague member and friend to MCMI, PackFM, has been on tour with them, doing what he does, bring his brand of “Nasty” lyricism overseas, as evidenced in this video below. What was the livest Hip Hop show in the US is now becoming the “livest hip hop show around the globe”.

We just got word that QN5 founder TONEDEFF, HOMEBOY SANDMAN & BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH will be joining the U.S. tour for select dates soon. When Pack returns stateside, you can catch him along with DEVIN THA DUDE @ KNITTING FACTORY right here in BROOKLYN!!

Get your tickets and give Pack a heroes homecoming. For the past year, he’s been telling the world “I F*#KING HATE RAPPERS” for all of us. (You know you hate rappers too!)

PackFM live @ The Knitting Factory
Wednesday, April 27th alongside Devin the Dude. That’s gonna be banoodles!

More info:

FOLLOW PackFM @PackFM (duh! lol)

PackFM – Nasty (Live in Basel) from on Vimeo.

During his European Tour w/ CunninLynguists, PackFM performs “Nasty” off his 2010 release, I F*cking Hate Rappers.


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