June 24, 2024

EQ (Equaleyes)- Defined Dreamer

I stumbled on this kid’s music by accident. What struck me were the clean visuals of the video, his comfortable within his own skin humble swag and the clarity of his wordplay. He definitely has flow, as well as a very organized storytelling song structure. I would expect a seasoned MC in his late twenties early thirties to have developed this kind of approach to writing songs, after spending a few years in the “I am the dopest MC, I am better than all of you,” phase. You know, the “I have the most ________________ (money, cars, clothes, guns, drugs, hoes, etc. fill in the blank)” rapper? EQ looks mad young (16? 18? I don’t really know), but he sounds so mature. He either got started real young, or he just skipped that phase.

Anyway, at first glance I almost hated a little, cause he wasn’t what I was used to. The song “Metaphor” leads off with a Mobb Deep quote, but then was not bustin’ any shots at all. What was up with this? Was this “alternative” hip hop? Was he too “clean cut?” It was mad abstract. But the story resonated with me and I could see real talent, so I had to respect it.

I can’t fall victim to an ignorant mentality that complains when things don’t fit the stereotype of what hip hop is supposed to be, or what it’s been before. Hip Hop is supposed to look like the artist’s true self, otherwise it’s bullshit. Something new is what we are always looking for. Hip Hop would have never sounded and looked like Outkast, unless Outkast was accepted, when they pushed the envelope musically and in fashion. Point blank, I think EQ, the Defined Dreamer, is the future.


So check it out and tell me what you think. You may agree with me, or you may say, “Man, this kid sucks.” Opinions are like assholes – everybody has them!  Comment away kiddies.


More Info: http://www.definedreamer.com/

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