May 29, 2024


No, Daniel Goldstein isn’t a rapper, but there is something very Hip Hop about being the underdog, the common man, fighting for justice against the rich and powerful. If you read my post about the independent film My Brooklyn: The Battle for the Soul of the City - or if you live in Brooklyn - then you are no stranger to the real estate wars going on right now in the County of Kings.

While they are still working on that film, here is one that is in theaters now, on the same subject, but from the point of view of Daniel Goldstein, who was the last hold out, not wanting to give up his apartment to imminent domain, to make way for the Atlantic yards Stadium Project and surrounding real estate development.

Daniel Goldstein battles in court to save his home and community from being demolished to make way for the densest real estate development in U.S. history.

The movie BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN, documents 3 years of this racially tinged struggle. Unfortunately, we already know the ending. Since the movie hit theaters, Daniel gave in and took a $3,000,000 payout to finally move out of his condo and let them bulldoze the building and continue development plans.

Battle for Brooklyn Filmmakers Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley talk with Chuck Scarborough on NBC Nightly News after the jump!

According to the NYTimes:

Daniel Goldstein, Last Atlantic Yards Holdout, Leaves for $3 Million

Daniel is now legally bound to not criticize the Atlantic Yards project in public. Critics say he’s a sell out, that it’s all about the money, but reading between the lines, I have a feeling he would have lost his home either way, and he knew that, so why not at this point at least take the money. Goldstein paid $590,000 for the condominium and would have only gotten $510,000 had he not fought the seizure of his abode under imminent domain laws years ago. Now, he is 3 million dolars richer and although he personally can no longer speak out against the project, the publicity generated from his fight and now the movie, have already done it’s job. There is no end to opposition to the AY Project in sight. With 3 million dollars in his bank account, I’m certain Daniel Goldstein will find a nice place to live.

Me? I just got the name of my new mixtape … coming soon on MCMI!


1hr 33min‎‎ – Documentary/Drama‎
Director: Suki Hawley

In NYC, you can catch the movie Battle For Brooklyn at

70 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY

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