Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) – Ask Anyone (MF DOOM Tribute)

ASK ANYONE is a tribute for MF DOOM from LICE with love. LICE is
Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman, sharing some bars giving MFDOOM some roses.

#RIP the underground legend, another dope MC who changed the culture for the better across several decades, from Zev Love X to MF DOOM. Long live MF. I’ll let Aesop and Homeboy Sand say the rest.

Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) - Ask Anyone (MF DOOM Tribute)

One Love.


Vocals – Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman
Beat – MF DOOM
Photo – Owen Brozman
Layout – Alex Everson
Vocal Mix and Master – Joey Raia


Aesop Rock: Roses for the OG MF, where were you when Bob dropped the OG Deadbent? I was over Tony’s on some “Whoa is that? No, is that…? Yes it’s Zev Love X, sounding reckless” I took it to the head and heart You were back as Metal Face and threatening my pearl white Acura from the 2nd bar Barfing up a master class in charismatic disrespect And trash talk, mask on, mac and cheese Timberlands Sold the first Apple Seed cd’s at your Brownies show While you were saying “something to remember like the Alamo” I was yelling every word and never late And when you finally played “Hey!” I felt the venue levitate Ask anyone, L.I. to upstate Come to learn it’s only phase 1 of the flood gates DOOM stay gluing true grit to the bass line And made himself a hero and a villain at the same time Back in ‘94 you had that line about the Nikes on the wire I’d always see these Nikes on the wire when I was driving through a neighborhood somebody said you stayed in Convinced I’d found the actual inspiration For the record I was not even close to the right neighborhood Even when the heart is pure, the brain is mush Thank you for the stories, and the fuck you to the normies Brewin said we lost our Jordan, I would sprinkle in some Vorhees and agree Breeze I have this memory of me and you Rapping Meat Grinder to each other at a BBQ in BK Got the same memory with a couple other people too Trading DOOM lines, that’s what people do You were always kind to me in person I tried to play it cool but I was always kinda nervous 30 summers a guide in the muddy waters To the man with many names: I hope you’re somewhere with your brother, yea

Homeboy Sandman: Supervillain tho Illin tho Chopping records that my parents listened to DOOM was on a mission to remind you that the magic is what matters But where’d he find that banter? Where’d he find them patterns? He ain’t had no manners My favorite villain is The Drop off Viktor Vaughn But every time I hear the Great Day intro I’ma sing along And cats be sleeping on the GMO’s them lessons on point We share a brother in Kuri from the ? joint Supervillain in the function then his peoples never far Thanks for introducing us to John Robinson and Stahhr And a era full of rarified jewels And making use of airtime for making bad hairlines cool Being crazy takes guts Monsta Island Czars had a rep for being nuts Extra special words Scent of special herbs still lingers My pantheon is Bird and Mingus, Prince and Metal Fingers Larger than life, he had his own Nikes I’m a Clearweather brand dude but dag DOOM MM FOOD was the anagram Fresh put me on I proceed to put on anyone that was famalam And Every particle genuine article Okay you stiffed a few promoters Who thought they booked the man under the mask but they could never tell for certain Walking the walk, while talking in third person He wore a mask so the charge won’t grab On a rooftop with a large stone slab Seen where the industry was going and Had the gonads To go “nah” Thanks A bar is not a measure Of music DOOM was doing it’s a unit a buried treasure No one ever done it better So I’ma keep my computer on caps lock forever.


Homeboy Sandman – Life Support

Homeboy Sandman – Life Support

Homeboy Sandman - Life SupportOkay first off, if the tag line got your attention because you thought Homeboy Sandman was on life support, don’t worry – he’s not. Neither is his career. Neither is Hip Hop. In fact, his career is one of the reasons that Hip Hop is not dead. Creative songs and videos like this one keep pushing the art form forward, despite a sea of mediocre artists and some who are straight trash.

Homeboy Sandman has always had great creative videos that match his zany, outside of the box mentality, which has attracted such a strong following over the years. People love his vibe, so a video has to capture that vibe. This one does.

When you are done watching it, click on some other videos of his on youtube. You wont be disappointed.

Homeboy Sandman – Life Support, produced by Hugo LX, is a new track, not on any album release, strictly for the video, but Sand has a new album coming up this spring called Kindness for Weakness. Catch him at Stones Throw’s event at SXSW, March 19.

Video Director: Pace Rivers. Art Directors: Nicole McBride & Mary Godley. Producers: Victor Lucia & Mary Godley. Special Thanks to: Paul Lamb, Ross Wittenberg, Lisa Wollter.

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MCMI RADIO: BAD SEED talks Thin Black Line & Police Brutality

Episode 1 – pt 1
MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Corey “BAD SEED” Pierson

For those who never knew about MCMI RADIO, it was launched Friday June 8th 2012, as part of the 6th Man Radio station (shout outs to Bad Seed), hosted on BlogTalkRadio. our first episode was MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Ep 1 “LYRICISTS LOUNGE” and continued for 50 straight episodes, until our final broadcast “MCMI RADIO: Ep 50 – Rock Steady Crew & End of the Weak”, on Friday, July 26th, 2013. The show was primarily hosted by myself (GMS) and my partner in MCMI, The Plague, Hydra and basically my brother from another mother, LR Blitzkrieg.


Over the year, we featured co-hosts and special guests including PackFM, MrMecc, Poison Pen, PH (#ripPH), Wordsworth, D-Stroy, Tonedeff, Sha Stimuli, Masta Ace, Mazzi, Vicky Green, Substantial, Bad Seed, Billy Screem (TeamHOMI), Organik (KOTD), Sara Kana, Homeboy Sandman, Vice Verses (EOW), Kosha Dillz, Audible Doctor (BrownBagAllstars), Chordz Cordero, yU, Steph the Saphic Songstress, The MarXman, Angel “Sweetness” Garcia (Pro Boxer) and Novell “Black Taoist” Bell (ManUpStandUp / BET’s “IRON RING”), I Am Many, Jess James Figeroa, Swave Sevah (TeamHOMI), Bryan from theBeeShine, Keith “Wild Child” Middleton, Icon the Mic King, and Kevin “DJ Organic” Fitzgerald (Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme).


After a year of doing the talk show live almost every week, LR Blitzkrieg and myself just couldn’t keep it up. The show took a lot of work, preparing, setting up interviews, getting crates ready. We needed to dedicate more of our time to the record label and to other aspects of MCMI, so we stopped doing the show.

Well, almost three years later – WE ARE BACK, BABY! This time the show will not be live and will not be weekly. It is now hosted on the MCMI YouTube Channel (Subscribe), which has MUCH better sound quality than BlogTalkRadio and will drop from time to time, whenever we have a good interview or something to talk about.


All of the previous BlogTalkRadio shows are archived and can be found on MCMIreport.com/radio-archives. That will be considered “Season 1”. The new shows on Youtube are “Season 2”. Some will be mostly audio, with photos and video clips inserted throughout. Others will be full video format. New music and videos will occasionally be featured between segments of talk.

The new shows will be alternately hosted by MCMI’s GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, Keith WildChild Middleton, MrMecc and other artists affiliated with MCMIreport.com and MCMI Records. So, subscribe, listen, like, comment, share and stay tuned!!!


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Homeboy Sandman – Whatchu Want From Me (Video)


We spoke with Homeboy Sandman about the release of this video and his new album “First of a Living Breed” a few weeks ago on MCMI Radio. Sandman always comes with dope visuals to match his equally amazing music. Be sure to cop the album.



first-of-a-living-breedHomeboy Sandman is on tour in California promoting his new album, “First of a Living Breed”, but he will be on MCMI RADIO this Friday by remote, talking to us about his relationship with the label StonesThrow Records, his writing process, his previous music and of course the new album, which just dropped yesterday. Tune in Friday, 6pm – 8pm or click the link anytime after that to hear the show on demand. MCMI RADIO Ep 14

* UPDATE: Homeboy dropped some gems while on MCMI RADIO! Here it is:

This track, produced by Paul White, is not on “First of a Living Breed”, it’s a bonus track announcing the album to the world. One thing that I love about this album (besides of course the music), is that there is a Lyrics sheet to go along with it. I have always felt that all rap albums should come with a lyrics sheet. The whole point of Hip Hop is what it is that you have to say. If you have anything of value or interest to say then heads would want to read the lyrics as well as listen. A lot of (non-Hip Hop) albums I listened to from my parents vinyl collections when I was a kid had these. Cop the album as CD, MP3 or Vinyl, along with the lyrics sheet from the links below.

ALBUM: Stonesthrow | iTunes | Amazon
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