May 28, 2024

Homeboy Sandman – Life Support

Homeboy Sandman – Life Support

Homeboy Sandman - Life SupportOkay first off, if the tag line got your attention because you thought Homeboy Sandman was on life support, don’t worry – he’s not. Neither is his career. Neither is Hip Hop. In fact, his career is one of the reasons that Hip Hop is not dead. Creative songs and videos like this one keep pushing the art form forward, despite a sea of mediocre artists and some who are straight trash.

Homeboy Sandman has always had great creative videos that match his zany, outside of the box mentality, which has attracted such a strong following over the years. People love his vibe, so a video has to capture that vibe. This one does.

When you are done watching it, click on some other videos of his on youtube. You wont be disappointed.

Homeboy Sandman – Life Support, produced by Hugo LX, is a new track, not on any album release, strictly for the video, but Sand has a new album coming up this spring called Kindness for Weakness. Catch him at Stones Throw’s event at SXSW, March 19.

Video Director: Pace Rivers. Art Directors: Nicole McBride & Mary Godley. Producers: Victor Lucia & Mary Godley. Special Thanks to: Paul Lamb, Ross Wittenberg, Lisa Wollter.

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