May 29, 2024

Vast Aire – Thor’s Hammer (Feat. Raekwon & Vordul Mega)

VAST AIRE's OX 2010: A STREET ODESSYI used to hang with these cats Vast and Vordul in the 90’s, before solo albums, before Can Ox, before Def Jux even formed as a label. A.T.O.M.S FAM was the crew and they and The PLAGUE had some of the illest cyphas. We were young and restless then, getting into battles and street brawls in downtown Manhattan.

Nowadays we all grown up and it makes me feel good when these brothers put out quality material and I can celebrate their success. This one is off Vast Aire’s current solo album that just dropped, featuring his Cannibal Ox brethren Vordul Mega, plus the Wu heavyweight Raekwon. According to Vast, the two met up backstage at a show once and built on the possibility of a collab. I’m glad they finally made it happen.

VAST AIRE’s new album OX 2010: A STREET ODESSY is on Fat Beats Records & Man Bites Dog

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