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bad seed side eye pick

Review by GMS

I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly sure what “o_O”, in the title of this project meant. I knew it had something to do with Texting and Twitter, so … I asked a 12 year old. “Side-eye, you know like muhf*@!as is lookin’ at you side-eyed, nahmean?” he asks me. Um, yeah, now I do.  Damn.

Now that I understood the title and the cover art, I popped the CD in my car stereo and prepared to ride out. The following is a track by track review and description.

1. INTRO- DOWN TO THE WIRE – This is a typical mixtape intro, with quotes from movies. It’s cool, puts you in a mood, leading up to the first song, “Let Us Pray”

2. LET US PRAY(produced by VES) The concept is exactly what the title suggests. “I ain’t super Holy, but, I know right from wrong,” Seed exclaims and then describes how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The beat drops with a kick, bass and a preacher singin’ about God. Super soulful. Seed does a lot of concept songs, like “Lil Voice’s”, “You Ain’t My Daddy” and “Julie” (google those videos). “LET US PRAY” is one of those. The song is about somethin’. The music is sophisticated. Seed surprises us by singing the chorus himself (no autotune!). I love this joint.

3. MESSAGE FROM PETE ROCK – shout outs from Pete Rock, mixtape style. PR tells us how he used to play his joint on the radio all the time and how he got his back. That’s awesome, hope a PR beat comes from that in a future project.

4. 9X OUTTA TEN FEAT. HATIAN (produced by VES) – The beat hits you right away, like Daaamn this gon’ be a banger! It is produced by VES, same as the previous track. In fact, VES does the lion share of production on the project. This is a cautionary tale about the snakes in the game, corrupt politicians, feds,  that “nine times outta ten” throw salt in the game. I love this joint up until 2:17, where Haitian comes in, spittin’ dancehall style. His lyrics are not bad, but something sounds off about how it lays on the beat. It might be the mix. It sounds like his vocals were done somewhere else and then flown in. They don’t match the quality of Seed’s vocals. Song is still dope though.

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5. EYE WISHA NIKKA WOOD (Produced by Junko) – If they were asking me what songs hsold be a single, I would say this one. The beat and hook are infectious, lingering in your memory after the song is done. One of the few that are not produced by VES, but by Junko. Concept is simple, for the masses. Seed criticizes a lot of the bullshit that goes around in the industry and with particular artists. He dares anyone to fuck with him.

6. POSE/CLICK (BATHROOM MODELS) (produced by VES) – This is a humorous episode to show that we are not bangin’ at breakfast, not mad at our cereal, lol. Niggalis Cage goes in on chicks who take cell phone flics in the bathroom mirror, “Look out, she a bathroom model”. But sometimes they don’t clean their bathroom first. Dudes will crack up at “Yeah, we like ass, but we like clean bitches too“. The ladies will love this one, because they will swear he ain’t talkin’ about THEM. For more on this, or to see the viral video, CLICK HERE.

7. IN DA GHETTO - (produced by VES) – This song starts off with a sample of Elvis. (I dare you to clear that sample! o_O) I’m not feelin’ this track as much as some of the other VES produced bangers on here. Lyrically, it’s not wack, but doesn’t cover any new ground. The content is not as creative as some of the other songs. Typically, what does a “rapper” talk about in a rap song? Survey says … top answer? Ding! – “Life in da ghetto”. Funny, Bad Seed told me this is his favorite song on the album, but its my least favorite.

8. INTERMISSION - (produced by VES) – Mixtape style drops from the likes of Talib Kweli, Mims, Mr. Mecca, PokerFace, PH, Pops, Uncle Murda, phoned in and laid over the Bridge Is Over instrumental.

9. I DO WORK FEAT. MIMS AND OB (Produced by VES) – “This for my 9 to 5 n*gg@s”. This is a simple concept song telling the listener “either get a resume or a mask out” but to get up get out and get something, whether legal or illegal, because “either way you do it, bein’ broke is not allowed”. Even with the guest appearance by Mims, this joint is just aight. It starts off okay, but doesn’t hold my attention after the first verse.

10. BILLS (produced by VES) This is one of the best songs on here. The beat is a flip of the sample from KANE’s “Young Gifted & Black”. Seed starts off with some storytelling, some griping about bills that we can all relate to. When he gets to his phone bill he decides to call his mobile carrier. The resulting conversation (Seed plays both parts, the customer service agent and himself) is bonkers! I hit rewind on this joint about 10 times! It has humor, the flow, the beat is dope. Grabs you in right away. A classic.

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Bad Seed

11. GREAT BANK ROBBERY (Produced by D.P.) – D.P. is the producer who gave us the single Happy Monday, Unsolved Mystery and Brown Water, off Seed’s last album. This track is dope as fuck. It’s has a frantic car chase feel to it, perfect for a story about a bank robbery. Seed lays one verse, in first person, robbing a bank. It’s fast paced and entertaining. A winner.

12. VES DROP – Just a mixtape drop from VES. He definitely proved himself on this project. I never heard of him before, but I sure know him now. This should help get his name out there. He’s got heat.

13. TOUCH IT FEAT. MIMS – (Produced by Kanye West) – Bad Seed and Mims converse with the ladies over the Kanye beat. The title and the Chorus are pretty self-explanatory.

14. THE PEOPLE (Produced by VES) – Another bangin’ beat from VES, with Seed spittin’ some real personal bars over it, using Chess metaphors to explain how “people” constantly let you down, especially those you felt were your “people”. This one has a lot of replay value. The metaphors are complex. I hear something new in there every time I listen. I can relate to this, I got “people” too.

15. I GAVE YOU POWER PART 2 (Produced by VES)- Okay, this song would be my choice for a second Single. It is NOT a “remake”, “remix” or whatever. It is PART 2 of the original by NAS. Just in case you don’t know, Seed gives you the last 4 bars of the original “I GAVE YOU POWER”. The piano chords looped on this track are nasty. The drums are disgusting. The story captivating. A guaranteed head nodder. @NiggalisCage – THIS SONG NEEDS TO BE A VIDEO!!! #MakeThatHappen

16. TESTIFY (Produced by VES) – This has a real feel good groove. Seed asking real questions, like “why am I chasin’ my own people? I don’t know, like not showin’ up to perform at your own show, do they not believe or they think that I wont blow?, or deep down inside is it really they want dough?” – Chuch. This is the second song in which Seed invokes the lord (“Hallelujah lord Jesus, God, Allah, Mohamed, Buddha”). Plus it has Gospel style hand claps (think “I Got A Woman” by  Ray Charles). This song is solid. It has a lot of replay value. 

17. I FEEL FOR YOU (Produced by VES) – After a Mowtown soul sample (is it The Jacksons?) a beat drops that makes your face all crunchy. Unnnhh!… Underground Hip Hop fans will lose their minds over this beat. VES is a beast!

18.MESSAGE FROM GRANDMA IRENE – Cute. A call from Grandma to her lil “Corey”.


19. BOBBY TRENDS FREESTYLE – braggin’ and boastin’, “this is me, this is you” style.

This was recorded when “Pump It Up” was first bubblin’ in the clubs. Seed’s flow is sick on this, proving he’s been nice for quite awhile. Dope verse.

Another crazy flow. Gives you a chance to compare and decide who kills it more on this, Seed or Mims. I’m not a Mims hater, like a lot of people became after “This Is Why I’m Hot” became a ringtone. I remember Mims from bangers like “Giggalo” back in the day, and he did his thing on “Yankee Fitted”. I like Mims, but he got completely outshined by Niggalis on this one. I’m sure he doesn’t mind. That’s the homie.

All in all, what have we learned?

A) VES is a BEAST!!! His beats are headnodders, musical and mad versatile, creating all different kinds of moods throughout the project.

B) Most of the songs are dope. Only one song I really hated. Many have serious replay value. A few are classics.

C) This is a hot project, however you look at it. There are enough great songs on here you will want for your Bad Seed collection. If you are new to Seed, there are joints on here that will make you a believer. Download it, then go look up his past classics if you are playing catch up. I suggest the videos I mentioned earlier, “Giggalo” feat. Mims, “Yankee Fitted”, “Black Music”, “Uhhnnh…”, “Would You Luh Me” and “For The Kids”. There’s a lot more, but you could start there.

Grade: A-

GMS’ personal favorites: BILLS, I GAVE YOU POWER pt. 2, LET US PRAY, TESTIFY


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