July 23, 2024

The Bad Seed: Pose/Click (Bathroom Models) (Video)

Bad Seed the MC

This is off Bad Seed’s “o_O Mixtape Album” (“Side-eye Mixtape Album” if you were wondering how to say it). Pose/Click is a hilarious take on the trend of girls taking photos of themselves in the bathroom mirror to tweet or post on Facebook. I know, guys do it too (smh). I know, I used “smh” in a blog post (smh). But this is about the ladies. Watch the video for a quick laugh and listen to the rest of the mixtape for some good hip hop from The Bad Seed, -aka- Niggalis Cage.

Download link below:


DOWNLOAD: The Bad Seed – o_O The Mixtape Album.zip


01 Intro (Down To The Wire)
02 Let Us Pray
03 Message From Pete Rock
04 Nine Times Outta Ten (Feat. Hatian)
05 Eye Wisha Nikka Wood
06 Pose_Click (Bathroom Models)
07 In Da Ghetto
08 Intermission (Feat. Everybody)
09 I Do Work (Feat. Mims & OB)
10 Bills
11 Great Bank Robbery
12 Ves Drop
13 Touch It (Feat. Mims & Kanye West)
14 The People
15 I Gave You Power (Part 2)
16 Testify
17 I Feel For You
18 Message From Grandma Irene
19 Bobby Trends (Freestyle)
20 Joe Budden Beat (Freestyle)
21 Speakin’ In Tongues (Freestyle) (Feat. Mims)

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