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“Ya man, not ya boy,” Corey ‘Bad Seed’ Pierson is back. This time with an honest album review of Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”. If you are like me, you can’t waste your valuable time on an album, just because of media hype or the artists self-proclaimed ‘greatness’.

Well, Seed’s approach is both real and helpful, neither hating, nor hero worship, as some reviewers tend to be. This helped me listen to  the album without expectations based on what some PR person wrote, that was copied and pasted into a thousand blogs all over the Internet.

You want an honest review, from a down to earth dude who grew up on Hip Hop and is going to keep it real with you? Here you go.

Thanks Corey, we appreciate it.

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Busta Rhymes – Thank You ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil Wayne (Official Video)

I heard this song on SiriusXM Radio on the drive home today (big up @LordSear) and I got so hyped! Busta Rhymes is in rare form, spittin’ ferocious on this and Q-Tip bodies the track as well. I had always wondered why some MC’s had never exploited the “I wanna thank you, heavenly father …” sample for a chorus. Well now they have.

busta rhymes q-tip thank you

Kanye West and Lil Wayne both play cheerleaders to their star players. Adding their names and presence in the videos is sure to make sure the younger audience sit up and pay attention to the legendary Native Tongues representatives. Smart move. But I have a suspicion they are planning a remix with everybody’s verse, this is just the teaser. The video is pretty slick. Simple, but with a lot of ‘production value’. The beat, the personnel, the rhymes and the hype are sure to make Thank You a classic. A great vehicle to promote Busta Rhymes’ upcoming ELE2 (Extinction Level Event 2) album.


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TALIB KWELI on Wayne’s “Emitt Till”, Ross’ Rape Lyric, Beyonce’s B-Word

This is actually a roundtable discussion, sans the actual table, between five people, but I couldn’t fit all that into a headline. Talib Kweli engages with HUFF POST LIVE host Marc Lamont Hill. News & Lifestyle Editor of Ebony.com Jamilah Lemeiux, Washington Post Columist Rahiel Tesfamariam and 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate, Journalist and Activist Rosa Clemente, as they discuss the recent controversial statements made by Rick Ross, being called “rape lyrics”, Lil Wayne’s “Emmett Till” reference and even Beyonce’s lyrics in her new song “Bow Down”. This is not “Street Soldiers” on HOT97. This is a sophisticated conversation between a group of educated intellectuals. Kwelirepresents Hip Hop and himself very well as he presents his case for critique of Ross and any artists who are miguided from a place of love and wanting them to change, rather than demonizing them as monsters.

There is plenty of debate as the five ask and attempt to answer “when do words cross the line and should lyrics be policed?” I must say this is one of the most intelligent healthy debates on the subject I have ever heard. Watching this video is definitely a good place for this discussion to start in our own lives, with our own friends and family, especially among the youth population who are heavy consumers of all of these artists’ music and are trying to come to grips with the lyrics as they figure out what is right and wrong, themselves. I salute all involved in making this, including Huffington Post. Share this and get the conversations started in your own community.

Stay blessed. – GMS

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Today, we are releasing the MCMI: Best Hip Hop Videos of 2012 list and our reasons for liking these videos. Whether or not you agree with us is not too important (to us, anyway). Remember, these are just the opinions of MC’s and artists who run MCMI, who were fans of Hip Hop for 20+ years before becoming artists ourselves and eventually founding this website. We grew up watching and listening to Hip Hop music and now live it everyday. We are MC’s, producers, Writers and DJ’s. We are New York based, but love Hip Hop from all regions. We hope you enjoy the collection and are possibly exposed to something new that you may not have had on your own playlist.

#12 – “Practice (Take Care)” – Drake                                                                                      NEXT>>>

Clever idea, low budget yet still extremely high “production value”.  You think it is a simple self made youtube video uploaded by a girl practicing her booty dance, but [spoiler alert] at the last minute Drake walks in and you realize this really is the official video. It was Drake’s girl practicing until her man gets home. Funny, sexy and cute at the same time.

SKYZOO “Give It Up” (feat. DJ Prince) [Audio]

give it up (cover art) Give It Up (Feat. Dj Prince) (Prod. by !llmind) by Skyzoo
Produced by !llmind (Kanye West, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Scarface), Skyzoo drops his latest single, “Give It Up”, featuring DJ Prince. This beat is crazy, pairing the demanding drone of a grimy dubstep bass-line, with 808s and drumline patterns, a staple of !llmind’s new signature “boom-trap” sound, (listen to Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music’s “The Morning” on the Cruel Summer album).

The ablum, A Dream Deferred, features Jill Scott, Freeway, Talib Kweli, Raheem Devaughn and more, and has tracks produced by !llmind, Jahlil Beats, 9th Wonder and Black Milk, to name a few. A Dream Deferred drops on October 2nd, on Sky’s newly formed label The Faculty Inc./Duck Down Music.

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