June 19, 2024


Today, we are releasing the MCMI: Best Hip Hop Videos of 2012 list and our reasons for liking these videos. Whether or not you agree with us is not too important (to us, anyway). Remember, these are just the opinions of MC’s and artists who run MCMI, who were fans of Hip Hop for 20+ years before becoming artists ourselves and eventually founding this website. We grew up watching and listening to Hip Hop music and now live it everyday. We are MC’s, producers, Writers and DJ’s. We are New York based, but love Hip Hop from all regions. We hope you enjoy the collection and are possibly exposed to something new that you may not have had on your own playlist.

#12 – “Practice (Take Care)” – Drake                                                                                      NEXT>>>

Clever idea, low budget yet still extremely high “production value”.  You think it is a simple self made youtube video uploaded by a girl practicing her booty dance, but [spoiler alert] at the last minute Drake walks in and you realize this really is the official video. It was Drake’s girl practicing until her man gets home. Funny, sexy and cute at the same time.

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