June 19, 2024

The Bad Seed – “Intelligently Ignant” (Review)


The BAD SEED - INTELLIGENTLY IGNANT – production by Kleph Dollaz, VES, Golden Eye, Will Tell and DP , as well as features from Talib Kweli, MIMS, Nature, Kool G Rap, PH (aka Pumpkinhead)and Touch

Bad Seed sets it off right with Brown Water. He comes out the gate immediately telling his story, honest, brutal, emotional, nothing glorified. Right away we find out what he means by “6th Man Entertainment”. He addresses his former record deal with Warner Brothers, his underground status, fair weather friends and burnt bridges. This is refreshing, because for once an MCee is not bragging on how dope his rhymes are, how fly his girls are, how much money and jewelry he has and how he buss his guns all day. Instead, Seed is doing what you supposed to do in Hip Hop – be honest, be passionate and most importantly – tell your story.

Happy Monday picks up where Brown Water leaves off, as Seed starts his day off at his job, which he hates, and goes into detail about bad coffee, office politics and disrespect, which everyone can relate to (haven’t we all felt we bout to “go postal” from time to time?). This is one of my favorite joints because first off – the beat is fire! Hi-energy, fast, frantic. No intro or chorus at the beginning. Seed starts spitting soon as the beat drops. The flow is sick, but I also relate to what he is saying. I have to make sure not to actually listen to this on the way to work Monday, or I may accidently slap somebody.

The Day The Music Stopped Pt. 1 is less biographical and more of brain food, something to think about while your head nods in agreement. From his first records with Nottz in the 90’s to now, Seed has never had a problem picking good beats. What if we didn’t have hip hop? What if there was no more music, period?

At the end of She Said He Said, Seed does something really fly. Remember on Pete Rock & CL Smooth Albums they would have extra beats play in between songs? I loved that shit. Pete Rock was showing off like, man, I got so many dope beats I will sprinkle them throughout and not even have any rhymes on em. One of those beats actually recently became a hit for Kanye. (Listen to the song “Power” and then go back and find the beat on “Mecca and the Soul Brother”). Anyway, Seed throws on an extra dope ass beat, after She Said He Said, just as an outro. The beat is dope. Don’t know why he ain’t use it for a song, but I may have to jack it and 2-track it myself, lol. Thanks Seed! He does this a few more times throughout the album.

Yankee Fitted is probably the most commercial joint on here, lyrical, yet worthy of Top 40 airplay, featuring Talib Kweli and Mims. This is my favorite song on the album. Click here for the video. Go ahead, I’ll wait. …

You can also check the behind the scenes footage, with Talib Kweli, PH and OBS, if you want.

Aight, I just walked you through almost half of the album. Almost every song is a concept, about something real. Beats are bangin’, storylines are worth listening to. Not hittin’ the fast forward button too much. If you were feelin’ Yankee Fitted, cop the album, for more quality Hip Hop. Listen to it and let us know what you think, in the comments section below. If you want to hear what Seed is up to, and what his next move is, click here to check out this interview I did recently.

Stay blessed.



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