May 29, 2024

Substantial – Reloaded (ft. Homeboy Sandman & Javier Starks) [Download + Lyrics]

As Substantial’s Mello Music Group debut Home Is Where The Art Is nears release, the DMV MC can’t contain his excitement. In anticipation of the release, Substantial joins indie powerhouse Homeboy Sandman and up-and-coming DMV wordsmith Javier Starks for the high-energy track “ReLOADED“.

The track doesn’t appear on Substantial’s own album but is instead a bonus cut from Javier Starks‘ upcoming EP, executive produced by ‘Substizzle’ and produced by Joe.D, (the main producer for Gods’Illa). The cut packs a punch in the instrumental alone. The MC’s spit accordingly, the always amazing Homeboy Sandman references a wide array of 80’s video games in the opening bars and Javier Starks hits the track running with the flow of a veteran. Substantial might take the cake though, combining the technical efficiency of his peers with a substance few else achieve, name checking Steve Biko and the streets of Baltimore a few bars apart.

Home Is Where The Art Is‘ drops September 4th on Mello Music Group. |

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(Homeboy Sandman)
teaching young bucks
holding salad bowls
remember the alamo
remember stunt doogie and alamo
far as who am i to judge i’m like Alito
i’m tryna remember which was the video game that said “body blow”
it was more like “body blow”
does anybody know?
me, stan, jav are the last dragons
everybody glow
tryna find a high and mighty
you need only be like “eenie minie moe”
lightning bolt lightning bolt
society going down the toilet
her’s some Ty-D-Bol

Turn it up.
Give it up!
Put ’em up!
Look who’s up next, YES!

(Javier Starks)
I’m doing what they said that I couldn’t
I took it
And ran away with it
But can’t escape it
Anticipating my big break like the san andreas!
I John mayered
The naysayers…
My Wolfgang play it like Amadeus
They paying for hibernation!
Reloaded I came back like foreman in ’94…
Sporting 45 but jordan in prime form
Money and fame what they rhyme for
Exhibits for papazzi to dine on
That’s obviously what they thrive off!


Stanley, Sandy, Starksy, no hutch
No crutch,
Stand on my own so focused
No magic, survive the ills, no hocus
Though this
System’s trying to poke us.
The dopest
MCing trio
But we’re more tres associates than 3 amigos
Leave a stage fidduck up everywhere that we go
But they rather you be Steve-O than Steve Biko


(Homeboy Sandman)
Knick knack paddy whack
I be around waste
Like the knick knacks in your fanny pack
Wasted fam
It make me wanna waa waa waa
All the pow and bang and wham
When they turn off lamps
And the wolves hunt lambs
Then go on the lamb
Like ain’t no difference ‘tween a black lad
And a black lab
They don’t wanna see blacks in labs
Rather see us waving white flags
Spraying Black Flag!

(Javier Starks)
Okay I’m reloaded, cold as Montana,
Boss like Tony Danza you Hannah…
Given a gift to give like Santa,
This clique, make your squad look stiff
In a flash like cameras…
They on menopause
It’ll cause
Mass pandemonium
Homie a renaissance man when he conjure stanzas…
Sand they sleeping but the bars Substantial
Cutting up pulling their cards they’re canceled…YESSIR!


Find me where there’s bums and guns on every corner
Heat streaks on Beat Street,
Won’t find Stan chillin’
Youth blow a fuse and pounds of Marijuana
Peeps weak
Soul’s empty like abandoned buildings
My city house
“Be more” is the city vowel
Spittin’ these writtens
That make a difference
And my city proud
Before recession and depression
Set in we was gettin’ down!
Everybody put’em up
Let me hear you scream a-lou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ououd


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