April 21, 2024

St. Joe Louis Purple Box Feat Ezrakh and Jahnia

NEW JERSEY Stand up your boys are back St. Joe Louis hit’s us via their Soundcloud early with some background music for these next few rainy days we have coming. This is called Purple Box Feat. Ezrakh and Jahnia, this is a mellow laid back track but each member goes in. Tom Chase gives you that smokey in the study flow, Elete Wright Styles heavy on this song and Michael Cardigan‘s energy on this is uncanny of course I have to mention Ezrakh who is also the Groups DJ and Jahnia who is a great Graphic artist and did the art for this song soothed the hell out of the chorus. Purple Box is basically stamping them as the connoisseurs of  filtered Cigars … SO light up and have a good day ya’ll

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