May 30, 2024

[New Music] BAD SEED: Pose Click (Audio)

Bad Seed the MCWord on the streets, the Bad Seed, aka Niggalis Cage, is about to drop a new mixtape. He sends me new songs to listen to and give feedback from time to time and I just got this one. It isn’t supposed to drop officially until Tuesday, but I’m leakin’ it a day early. You can thank me later.

The song is funny! Seed is exposing chicks who take pics of themselves in front on the bathroom mirror (“she a bathroom model”), but their tub is dirty, toilet ain’t clean, toothpaste on their mirror!

Check this excerpt from Verse 2:

“You aint Beyonce and you aint Rihanna, welfare-recipient, period, comma,
Delerious, drama, ya oughta be ashamed baby girl, cause you somebody’s momma,
Clean ya shit-bowl, THEN get bold,  she got the evo 3D and the shit gold,
But ain’t cop AJAX for her strip tease? … You a jump off, bitch please! …

… I’m showin’ niggas in the stu- how these twitter bitches do,
Yeah, we like ass – but we like CLEAN bitches, too!”

Bad Seed’s such a character. He can be hilarious and disrespectful – but he ain’t wrong tho! That’s why I love it!

For those unfamiliar with Bad Seed or just wanna know what he’s been doing lately, check out my full length exclusive interview HERE. If you slept on his last album, Intelligently Ignant, check it out my review HERE.

Pose Click – by the Bad Seed

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