April 21, 2024

MC Obama Tweets the Nation #AskObama

Obama Twitter Town HallFor those who didn’t catch it on tv, here’s the official video of President Obama’s Twitter session with America, July 6th, 2011. Barack Hussein Obama /aka/ Barry /aka/ Mr. President, made history by being the first President of the United States ever to “live tweet“. His message?

Obama Tweet at Town Hall

in order to reduce the deficit,what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep – bo

I’m not going to get into a whole political debate about the content of the first Twitter Town Hall Meeting, Barack Obama’s effectiveness as a President, etc. I’ll leave that to other sites, but I do believe we should all stay informed, so please watch the show, to continue your own education as to what is going on in this country.

I do, however, want to bestow on the President, the title of “MC“. Since he started his first campaign, Barack Obama has always been a crowd motivator, a great orator, a “great debater”, to use the title of SkyZoo’s last release. With his speeches, he is known as one who “moves the crowd” .

Watch the Twitter Town Hall Official Video after the jump!


Obama has a commanding presence, yet personifies “humble swag”. He dominates with calm charisma, not by trying to overpower his opponent, like MC’s who try to out yell each other in rap battles. It’s about what he says, it’s about the words, not how loud you can yell. In this, Obama’s style is more comparable to a Rakim, than a Run DMC, or Chuck D of Public Enemy. His delivery is smooth and laid back like Eric B & Rakim’s “Check Out My Melody”.

run dmcIf you can compare a political debate to an MC battle, then I liken this Twitter Town Hall Meeting, in which members of the audience threw out questions (via Twitter) and the President answered them off the top, to SuperNatural’s infamous freestyle routine, in which the crowd hands up items onto the stage (flyers, umbrella’s, keys, etc) and SuperNat freestyles off the top, incorporating the items into his rhyme.

It’s like a Hip Hop Game Show, where the contestant is handed pre-selected (but not known to the MC) words or topics, to rhyme about, or the infamous “Grab Bag Round” of the EOW MC CHALLENGE, where MCees pull items out of a bag, without looking and rap about them off the top.

public enemyIn Obama’s Twitter Town Hall Meeting, in essence, the “crowd” is shouting out questions (by tweeting them) to Obama, challenging him to incorporateanswer them – on the spot, off the top, with no rehearsal, in his conversation with the nation. You have to applaud him for doing that, because it’s risky for any politician. What if you stumble? What if you don’t have a pre-prepared answer that you rehearsed all last night, like most debates in which the questions are known far in advance and the politician (and/or his advisors) have time to prepare exactly what they want to say.

In doing this, Obama not only proved to us that he has answers to these questions about the future of the country, he certified his standing as – a true MC!

Good work, MC Barry! Now can I get a drop for the website? … Just say, M.C. – M.I, people call me … _________________ “.

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