May 28, 2024


Brought to you by Tamir Z. Brown and Lyrics To Go, J. PERIOD and BLACK THOUGHT of The ROOTS are creating a live mixtape performance this evening, at Brooklyn Bowl, featuring J. Period and Black Thought, Mr. Mecca, Scotch Davies, The XFactor Boogie Blind (of Xecutioners) and DJ Suga Ray.

What exactly is a “live mixtape performance”? Well, J. Period explains it as

Built like a J.Period mixtape, the Live Mixtape weaves in and out of verses, interludes, hits and exclusives, with Black Thought rocking the crowd throughout, showing clearly why he is widely hailed as one of the top MC’s… ever. Since its premiere at Toronto’s Manifesto Festival in September, 2010, the J.Period Live Mixtape feat. Black Thought has travelled to Miami, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, El Paso and more.

Next stop, Broooook-lyyynnn … Hosted by the always witty D-Stroy (of the Arsonists), the night and the ensuing mixtape are sure to be extremely entertaining, Hip Hop in its purest form.

Brooklyn Bowl edition promo video:

If you are in the tri-state area, come down and be a part of history. If not, download the “LIVE MIXTAPE (ILLADELPH EDITION)” EP at:

Watch the “J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)” official video after the jump!

Watch this exclusive video of the “J.Period Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition),” including behind-the-scenes interviews with J.Period & Black Thought, and stunning stunning HD footage of the Live Mixtape in action! (Video produced by The Manifesto.)

Watch more videos of J. Period’s Live Mixtape Series and Download the EP at:

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