July 15, 2024

[EXCLUSIVE!] PH – “HOLLYWOOD” Prod. by DJ Static (off “KNOW The LEDGE”)

The newest leak, hot off the presses, from Brooklyn’s own PH (formerly Pumpkinhead)

MCMI Records & MCMIreport.com present


Off PH’s “KNOW The LEDGE” project, a precursor to the highly anticipated EP, The Revenge Of Radames, on MCMI Records.

PH - HOLLYWOOD www.mcmireport.comThis song “Hollywood” is an exposure of an underlying trend that has secretly made it’s way through the Hip Hop industry.

According to PH, “Man I have seen artist straight up walk past fans that made them what they are without one shred of acknowledgment. It’s sad actually, the whole acting like your too busy to acknowledge a fan is played. Your not that important!

I have seen friends of mine [in the music business] act totally different when the machine is hot. I will never ignore a fan (friend) or treat those that I consider peers differently, because of my status in the game.

This is not a diss record. This is asking, “HEY!! Do you realize how you’re acting is what you used to make fun of and be repulsed by when you were struggling on the come up?”

This is not directed at any one person, but it is an eye opener. Take a look at yourself.  If you find this offensive, then I’m right. You are truly ‘Hollywood‘.”


The complete project “KNOW The LEDGE“, a street album of all new exclusive original music from PH, will drop later this summer, on MCMI Records.


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Full lyrics to “Hollywood” after the jump!

HOLLYWOOD by PH (formerly known as “Pumpkinhead”)

Verse 1 –


This Game is filled with lies and treachery, it fuses itself to your image and makes you lose your memory /’cause, when you were at the bottom like the state of Tennesse / you were humble, but then fame made you act relentlessly / as if everyone around you was a lesser being / you put yourself on a pedestal to reaching for that sucessful dream / forgot your peers the years that you struggled in the same boat / forgot when times was hard we wore the same coat / surrounded by yes men and snakes that slither through your gene pool / I see greed in there eyes your reply is he’s cool / see you can’t see through what we do, ’cause them stage lights got you blind and that’s what enemies do / camoflauge intentions with money and camera flashin’ / you get caught up with the ways they behave and adapted / sad shit I can’t believe it your eye’s used to shine bright / now their blacker than coal and your soul isn’t aligned right / I speak the truth I hold my words for no man or wo-man / keep that attitude on your altitude before I show hands / the cards will get pulled quicker than Lohan out a program / when you crash that plane you’re on, there’ll be  be no land / and so the cards will fall where they may, I hope you listen and learn instead of pushing yourself further away / knowing the ego you have you’ll probably reply to this and stay alone / instead of gettin’ the nerve to pick up the phone ….

Verse 2 –


I’m never one to complain, I usually keep it movin’  / but there’s alot frontin’ goin’ on and it’s ruining the movement / you see it with these famous rappers, they start a crew or click / soon as someone else gets attention – they hittin’ that off switch / often blockin’ fame for anybody, it’s quite abnoxious / they want all the praise and the pay while you remain in the pocket / under the wing but me I’ll never fall victim to / I’m a leader of the old and the new school, I spit the truth / listen you I’ll hip you to everything you need to know / first show love to the foundation that help you grow / 2 – make sure you find the time to politic after you rock a show / it’s important you don’t wave anyone off and treat ’em cold / cause then everybody will look at you like you the dickhead / you gonna have to constantly look over your shoulder like a piss test / backstabbers and haters running around you like it’s phys ed / communication is key take heed to everything I just said / this Hollywood act and facade make you fake / just cause you sing and you rap that ain’t gon’ make you drake / I put several people on a platform to make they own / helped them when they was nobody now they acting like I never threw em a bone / I fed you the knowledge that made you an elitist / I gave you life like the ressurection of Jesus / now you acting stuck up, it’s too late to pick up the pieces / them Hollywood vipers will bite ya like they did river phoenix!

c. Copyright PH (formerly known as “Pumpkinhead)

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