May 30, 2024

Tommie Chase Feat. Chordz Cordero – Chocolate Rain Revisted

Every Monday ST. Joe Louis’s Tommie Chase has been blessing us with dope music. I would have never saw this coming, but anyone who can kill Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain beat is thumbs up in my book. Shouts to Upstart Cloud Club.

what can i say i had to do this … actually i’ve been want ting to do this ever since i heard the song so i thought i would get the cheat code (chordz cordero who also did the hook on 30,000 ft High and Rising ) to revisit the hook that Tay Zonday made famous but i swear this is the last time i do something like this …. i was in one of those FUCK IT moods lol hope ya’ll like it !!!! - Tommie Chase

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