June 23, 2024

Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point


emilio rojas breaking point

New joint from Emilio Rojas, “Breaking Point”. I feel this. First, I just liked the flow and the intensity of the delivery, it was just a hot verse. Then the personal stuff crept in even though we’re different people from different backgrounds, I can feel his struggle. That’s good Hip Hop, man. Love the girl singing in the intro and the hook and production are tight as well.

Don’t know what this is off of, if it’s a buzz single or what, but I spoke to Emilio just two days ago about an interview so that will be up here soon. I hear music from him from time to time, sometimes live at a show or a song online and I always like what I hear, but I gotta admit, I’m not really up on what moves the kid is makin’. But I’m about to find out and so will you. Stay tuned!


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