May 30, 2024

Grind Time Now presents: Marvwon vs Ness Lee (Hosted by Immortal Technique & Poison Pen)

I’ve been waiting for the March Madness 2 videos to be ready! This event was simply amazing. Some of the best battles I’ve heard in a loooong time and to start things off here is the Marvwon (Detroit) vs. Ness Lee (Atlanta) battle. 25 minutes of pure heat. Here’s what Grind Time founder Drect had to say:

The first battle from GTNY’s “Most Hated” Tournament, where 8 emcees are battling for a shot to take their music careers to the next level as a recurring act on Immortal Technique ‘s “Middle Passage Tour.”
Please note: Someone in the crowd fainted during Marvwon’s 3rd round and cause a major distraction, which affected the last round of the battle.

This battle features two of the best battle rappers/song crafter combinations in the country: Marvwon & Ness Lee. Marv brings a witty style with a street edge to the table, while Ness focuses on wordplay, metaphors & lyracism. Definetly a matchup for the ages!

Video and preview of some of the other battles after the jump!

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