May 28, 2024

Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ 20 Years Later…. (Mini-Documentary)

black moon

Wowww … Buckshot and 5 Ft got their start as dancers and then transitioned to being MC’s? I did not know that. The album was not supposed to be called “Enta Da Stage”? There is some incredible history revealed in this Black Moon documentary, as they go back to the projects where they filmed some of their first videos. Lovers of that East Coast Boom Bap must watch this!!!

Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ 20 Years Later

Black Moon ‘Enta Da Stage’ Performance + Q&A on Saturday (Online Stream)
Celebrate 20 years of Black Moon’s ‘Enta Da Stage’ album by watching their special live performance + Q&A online Saturday, Oct. 19th, at 4pm/EST, on

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