July 23, 2024

Astronomical Kid ROCKS “X Factor”

You know Astronomical Kid from our previous story about this rising young superstar. Appearing on this show, along with the accolades lavished on him by all the judges, especially L.A. Ried’s comments, are bound to help him on his journey. When asked why he hasn’t gotten a record deal so far, Astro – real name Brian Bradley – answered perfectly, “Politics, you have to know somebody.”

Well, after this performance on the show, millions of viewers on TV, multiplied by the millions of views his article in the Daily News and countless other papers, as well as numerous blog posts like this one, everybody is going to want to know this young man. Shouts to WorldStar for the video. Peace and respect to his mom! (I wasn’t looking, I swear!)

Astro definitely has our attention over here at MCMIreport.com & MCMI Records. I’m sure his phone is ringing off the hook non-stop since the show aired. Let the bidding wars begin!


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