May 28, 2024

Snoop’s New Tattoo A Tribute To Nate Dogg (R.I.P)

snoop dogg tattoo
Snoop's getting ink'd with new Nate Dogg tattoo

The brotherhood felt by these two legendary artists went beyond the same last name and was more than skin deep. Snoop represented how he felt about the Hip Hop Crooner who recently left us far too early, at the young age of 41, with a new tatt on his left arm, which he tweeted to his followers.

Besides the image of Nate Dogg’s face, Snoop had the words “All Doggs Go To Heaven” inscribed on his left forearm. Artwork done by legendary west coast tattoo artist Mr.Cartoon.

Snoop Dogg new tattooClose up of Snoop Dogg tattoo

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