May 28, 2024

PRETTY IN INK (Your Next Tattoo FREE!)

Pretty In Ink Tattoo Contest: One lucky winner will be selected to recieve their tattoo **LIVE** at the Album Release Show for PH’s album “KNOW THE LEDGE”, September 15th, 2011 @ Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY).


1. Create a 60 second or less video blog, showing and explaining your existing tattoos. (Can send pics and email explanation if not able to make video).

2. Explain in the video what you want your next tattoo to be – what you would get inked live at the show if you win the contest.

3. The judges and tattoo artist are looking for a complex, artistic design that will be interesting to do and awesome to look at. Super simple designs wont be considered.

4. Upload your video to and send us a link to download it, to

5. By submitting the video and entering the contest you grant us the right to post your video on our website and other places in promotion of the show, song “Pretty In Ink” and Puncture Tattoo & Piercing.

6. Include your full name and phone # to contact you, in the email with the video link.

7. Must be 19 & over to participate in the contest and to be at the performance.

The winner will receive free tattoo work, live @ Southpaw during PH’s Album Release Show. Runner ups will have the opportunity to appear onstage during PH’s performance of the song “Pretty In Ink” and may be cast for the music video for said song, to be filmed partly at the event and partly at a later date.

* Any women with tattoos who would like to participate at the event, and be considered for casting for the video for “Pretty In Ink” (MCMI Records), but are not interested in getting the tattoo at the event, may still come to the event and build with us further.


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