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GMS is a Musician, Educator, MC, Producer and DJ out of Brooklyn, NY, co-founder of HYDRA, The PLAGUE and MCMI, and founder of STAIRS ACADEMY, an Educational Nonprofit and Cybersky Videos.

GMS has been doing music most of his life. Born into a family of musicians in Brooklyn, he has played piano, flute and other instruments since a child. Born in the 70’s and coming of age in the 80’s and 90’s, he often says “Me and Hip Hop grew up together.”

GMS rocking the mic

GMS became one-third of the group HYDRA and a co-founder of the crew The PLAGUE in the 1990’s, when he first started earning respect on the NYC independent music scene, hosting, DJing and performing in countless shows, as well as making his presence felt in cyphers and Freestyle battles.

HYDRA and The PLAGUE were early participants in the legendary Lyricist Lounge, Braggin’ Rites, Rocky LaMontagne’s monthly ALL THAT and WORDS! events at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. GMS has been seen in the documentary FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme, featured on MTV, VH1 and BET, as well as the Grammy award winning Dutch TV show KIKA NEW YORK, DIGGING FOR WELDON IRVINE, THE MARTIALIST and several other documentaries about Hip Hop and Martial Arts (one of his other life-long passions).

HYDRA (LR Blitzkrieg, WildChild, GMS)

In 2010, HYDRA’s LR Blitzkrieg, KeithWildChild and GMS formed the brand MCMI, as a vehicle to produce events, sell Hip Hop apparel and release music. Life-long friend and music collaborator Robert PH (Pumpkinhead) Diaz became a partner in MCMI Records, releasing music through the label and introducing new artists like Chordz Cordero to the world.

In 2015, G got the heart-wrenching call from PH’s wife, that he had passed away due to health complications. MCMI has tried to deal with the devastating loss of their business partner and best friend, by helping to carry on PH’s legacy, through fundraisers, promoting his music and merch and mentoring his three children Raiden, Royce and Robbie.

Robert PH Diaz
Robert PH Diaz (-aka- Pumpkinhead)

Besides producing music and events. GMS also writes, composes, teaches music and is certified as a NYC DOE teacher, School Building Leader and Educational Technology Specialist, currently working at Arts & Letters 305 United, in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Several of his students have gone on to have successful music careers of their own, from singing in Broadway musicals to performing Opera, from becoming a principal Cellist in a symphony orchestra, to producing their own brands of independent Hip Hop, as MC’s, producers and DJ’s.

In 2016, GMS formed an educational nonprofit called STAIRS ACADEMY, which has an active Education & Technology Internship program and creates content under the Cybersky Videos brand.

When not doing music, teaching or working on MCMI and Stairs Academy, GMS video blogs about Education, Technology, Health and Martial Arts on his CYBERSKY VIDEOS channel and about Music and Hip Hop culture on the MCMI REPORT, with his partners Keith Wildchild and LR Blitzkrieg.

After years of collaborating on music with HYDRA and The PLAGUE, with guest appearances on projects from PH, PackFM, Tonedeff, Substantial, Session, KeithWildChild, LR Blitzkrieg, C-Rayz Walz, DJ DP One and PF Cuttin, GMS is finally stepping out, with a self-produced solo project, called ALONG THE WAY 777, to be released in 2022.

“I’ve always thought of myself as part of a group, a team player, working for the betterment of the collective and of Hip Hop culture, but now it’s time for a solo, before I transition to a producer role and media content developer,” says the MC, musician and educator.

The first single TEACHER featuring Bamboo, is about his duality as a career educator and MC, and will drop on his birthday, January 25th, which also marks the 25th Anniversary of his career in the NYC Department of Education.

ALONG THE WAY 777 (pre-order the 7 track project)

ALONG THE WAY 777+ DELUXE DIGITAL (pre-order the original 7 tracks, PLUS all the instrumentals, acapellas, alternate mixes, remixes, videos, lyric sheets, artwork and bonus material!) This package will be continue to be added to “along the way”.

If you missed the last episode of ALONG THE WAY with GMS Podcast, click here!

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