Homeboy Sandman: “Watchu Want From Me?” (prod. Oddisee)

Co-CEO of MCMI LR Blitzkrieg brought this song to the studio to play on our broadcast of MCMI RADIO last Friday. The jazz piano loop used in the track is phenomenal. Homeboy Sandman’s flow and playful singing fits the Oddisee produced track perfectly.

This is the first single off of his album First Of A Living Breed. He still doesn’t use any profanity in his rhymes, and still maintains that premium brand of lyricism.

Homeboy Sandman

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A Day In The Life of Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy SandmanShot and edited by Jav Martinez and Victoria Ng, Brooklyn Bodega has been putting up some cool promo videos for artists who will be performing onstage at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. The list of dope MCees is long (see below), but we would like to draw attention to an artist we have been following and supporting, since we first saw him pop up in shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan a couple years ago.

If you want to hear his humble beginnings, check out his first video “Lightning Bolt“, which got his buzz started. Continue through his catalog and enjoy his latest video “The Carpenter“.

Brooklyn Bodega’s The Company Man met up with Homeboy Sandman for an eventful day. From playing darts in the East Village, to recording at the legendary Beatminerz home studio in Bushwick, to hopping on a bus to Queens to record some more, Homeboy Sandman’s humility & hustle separates him from any other MC in the game.

Homeboy Sandman will be rocking the 2011 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival on July 16th at the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza & Tobacco Warehouse, along with Q-Tip & friends, Kendrick Lamar, Random Axe, M.O.P & more!


HOMEBOY SANDMAN DROPS 72 Bars For Chosenberg

Brooklyn Bodega Interviews Homeboy Sandman


DJ JS1 – Reppin NY Ft.Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz & Freddie Foxxx

Not sure how i missed this one when it dropped a few days ago but it definitely deserves posting. This track is off JS1’s new album “No one cares” out June 21st on fatbeats and features a ton of top M.C’s and MCMI affiliates. Here’s the rundown:

MOP, Joell Ortiz, KRS-ONE, Rass Kass, Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles, Ill Bill, Guilty Simpson, Sadat X, Tonedeff, Homeboy Sandman, Blaq Poet, Jeru Da Damaja, Torae, AG, Ruste Juxx, Sick Jacken, OC, Slaine, Akrobatik, Craig G, Rahzel, Akil The MC, C Rayz Walz, Eternia, BrownBag Allstars, Punchline, Sav Killz, Rise, Dominion (Pack FM, Substantial, Mecca), LifeLong, Freestyle, Sabac, Nutso, Illa Ghee, Icon The Mic King, Bekay, Tanya Morgan (Von Pea & Ilyas), Jak D of Cold Heat, Steven King & Dj Eclipse

I mean come on, you gotta check this one out. Also don’t miss DJ JS1 hold it down for the QN5 crew at the MEGASHOW on August 19th at the Highline ballroom.

Fresh Daily: The Quiet Life (mixtape – free download)

Fresh Daily The Quiet Life

“Fresh’s flow is more substance than style” – XXL Magazine

I disagree with the quote from XXL, although it was a good look to be talked about in a major magazine and XXL’s sentiments definitely were complimentary. I agree Fresh’s flow is packed with substance. But Brooklynite Fresh Daily’s flow, gear and stage presence are also loaded with “style”. Many MC’s focus on writing and come up with great ideas or punchlines, but actually have their own usinque style. That’s because many “MC’s” go from the mind to the pen to their laptop to YouTube, without taking time to master rocking a mic. That practice of actually delivering your rhymes, on a mic in front of an audience, hopefully, leads you to develop your own style. There should be something about your voice, your accent, your cadence, which sets you apart instantly form any other MC, so that as soon as someone hears you, they either know exactly who it is, or if they don’t know you, they definitely hear something different and unmistakable for anything else.

Without naming names, there are several camps right now, with 3 or 4 MC’s who sound very similar, to the point where I’m listening to something new on the radio and I go “Is that [insert chart topping rapper here]?” and my boy goes “Nah. it’s [insert new artist signed and developed by chart topping rapper here], they just sound similar on autotune.” Really? Wow. That sh*! is annoying. Rappers – have your own damn style! I don’t care how nice you are, if you sound like someone else – get that sh*! outta here!


Anyway, with that said, listen to Fresh Daily even once and you will distinguish his style. Then listen to one of his homeboy’s (Homeboy Sandman for instance) and you will see that he will have  just as much substance, but sound totally different. That’s a good thing.

For those who missed out on some of Fresh’s previous triumphs, like Mad Flavas, Tomorrow is Today, or Mothership / L A N D, here’s your chance to catch up. A Free download of his newest mixtape, The Quiet Life.



* FULL MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD and Tracklisting after the jump! (more…)

HOMEBOY SANDMAN DROPS 72 Bars For Chosenberg

HOMEBOY SANDMAN drops “72 Bars For Chosenberg” for TheFEAST.com, a website that ranks the best places to eat, shop and play in your city. Their site is pretty simple: select your city and click either EAT, SHOP or PLAY. It’s a cool site, but I admit I am showing them love because they showed Hip Hop some love with the Homeboy Sandman verse. Shout out to Rosenberg. And shout out to EOW for puttin’ me on.