May 29, 2024

Bio: PH


Born Robert Alan Diaz, in Brooklyn N.Y., on Sept. 17th, 1975.
PH did not know what his future had in store for him. The son of a single hard working mother grew up in Park Slope Brooklyn with younger sister and mother in a 2 bedroom apartment. PH started getting into Hip Hop in the early 80’s. Starting as a 10 yr. old B-boy, PH would battle local crews alone in search of acceptance for having heart and skill for his age. Movies like Beat Street , Breakin and Wildstyle inspired this B-boy to embrace the culture to the fullest and be the best at what he does today.

Finally gaining acclaim for his breaking and popping skills he quickly moved on to his next goal , which was to be an MC. After Hearing Dana Danes “Nightmares”, PH started penning little raps during his 6th Grade Language art class, where he was the top Poet.

Pumpkinhead first leapt onto the Underground Hip Hop scene when a friend of his went to WKCR’S Bobitto Garcia’s weekly basketball radio show, “Trash Talk”, and handed Bobitto a promo that PH had created for Bobitto’s Hip Hop radio show, along with the legendary D.J. Strecth Armstrong, “The Stretch Armstrong Show”.

They played the promo for 8 weeks straight.
After New York’s first taste of this underground MC, they demanded more , So PH joined the stable of Makin’ Records, which was home to the group Natural Resource (including Jean Grae) and The Bad Seed. Ph’s first 12″ single was “Dynamic” b/w “It’s Over”. The record was embraced by all and went #1 in the Hits , Gavin and CMJ charts. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pumpkinhead became known as a battle Champion, holding two “Braggin Rites” Championships, winning several End of the Weak (EODub) Challenges and coming in first or second in numerous other battles and contests. During this time, he rocked many performances and destroyed countless opponents in freestyle street battles with his crew THE PLAGUE, a crew of MC’s that still record and support each other musically to this day. He also formed a group with Mr. Metaphor, Block McLoud, Will Tell & I.C.ON called “Brooklyn Academy”. They released a classic single called “Con Artists” produced by Skeme Team, which charted on Radio before the label folded and several other songs put out on mixtapes and compilations produced by Will Tell. The group pursued individual careers before reuniting years later to drop “Bored of Education” in 2008.

PH has toured and traveled the world Places such as Japan, Australia (Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne), Sweden, Amsterdam and over 40 states. He has opened up for the likes of the rock group Goo Goo Dolls on the Lyricist Lounge Technology Tour, Bootcamp Click on the lyricists Lounge Tour, Kanye West, Ghostface, Big Daddy Kane, The Lost Boys, Tony Touch, Jedi Mind Tricks and has also headlined shows all over the U.S.
Pumpkinhead has released his debut album “The Old Testament”, the E.P. “A Beautiful Mind” and his sophmore album “Orange Moon Over Brooklyn”. He has produced several mixtapes, including “Kill Music vol.1”, “Time Chronicles” Vol.1 & 2 . “Border Blockers” released in Canada, “Power Man & Iron Fist” with Cy Marshall Law, “Picture That: The Negative” and a  



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