July 23, 2024


1. NO TOUCHING – No physical touching or visual threats. Cases in point:

Math Hoffa Vs. Dose

When you do this …

Math vs Dose

This is what happens!!!

Math punches Dose video

Basically Math asked Dose to step back, because he was to close to his face. Dose did not adhere to the 6 foot and change NYB Giant, his hat brim hit Math in the nose, so Math returned the favor, but with his fists. Let this be a lesson Kiddies, talk all the tough shit you want to talk, but at the end of the day you are gonna end up on the wrong side of an ass whoopin’ if you get too close to someone, or flash a pistol like this next guy did!

ENJ vs Nycks

Allegedly Nycks Flashed his Cal on ENJ several times and ENJ was fed up with it. Like the old saying goes if your gonna flash a pistol you better use it. Guess Nycks never got that memo, smh . People, people, this is Rap – leave ya guns home.

2. PHOTOS – Make sure you have no incriminating photo of you online, because rappers like Woodland Hills, California raised, Brooklyn New York tested Soul Khan, are sure to have a file handy.

Soul Khan Vs. Amazing Crack

We all know that battle rapping nowadays is 80 % research. Well Soul Khan is at the top of the list as far as exposing an opponent goes. This battle took place in Brooklyn New York at The Flagship store of Methods NYC.  Soul Khan pulled out a blown up picture of Amazing Crack in a tight hot pink shirt. In the photo he was also wearing make up and earring’s.  (SMH) Nobody is safe anymore. Delete your Facebook accounts and any paper trails because if you ever battle Soul Khan, or anyone else who  has mastered the art of researching, you will get highly embarrassed.

Soul Khan vs AC
Soul Khan vs AC

To Be Continued …

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