April 21, 2024

Numark DJ 2 GO Small DJ Controller

DJ2GONumark has just released their smallest DJ controller yet. Crhis Roman demonstrates the DJ2GO at NAMM 2011 for ScratchWorx TV. (see below)

While the DJ2GO looks limitted to 2 devices and doesn’t sport decent sized scratch platters, but rather small dials, it has the advantage of being able to go where larger units cannot. Throw it in your laptop case, a shoulder bag or napsack and you’re good to go.

Questions I have:

  1. Does it work with other DJ scratch software like Traktor and Serato, or does it only work with the Virtual DJ LE (lite) that it comes with? *answer below video
  2. Can you scratch at all using the jog wheels?
  3. Can you attach it to an iPad, iPod and iPhone, like the iDJ Live I posted about last week?

If the answer to these three questions are “no”, then I give this a thumbs down as a main unit. If it works with all types of software, then for $59.00, you might wanna pick this up, as a back-up for when your turntables, CDJ’s, or more powerful controller fails in the middle of a gig (like what happened to my boy yesterday – someone spilled their drink into his MixTrackPro during the party – yikes!).


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* According to Numark, you can use the DJ2GO with other DJ software, but you have to “remap” the controls.

Because DJ2GO is MIDI-compliant, it can be used easily with virtually any DJ software by simply re-mapping the controls in the applicable application.

So if you use the software that comes with it, then it is plug and play. Otherwise you have to do a little tweaking of the settings, but that’s no big deal for most people.


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