July 15, 2024

I Am T-PAIN Toy Microphone

I don’t know. I think I feel a certain way about this – and that feeling is BAD! (Not “bad” meaning “good” either). I thought T-Pain would be mad at something like this, or just at milliopns of people at home using auto-tune because it sorta cheapens his brand IMO. But hey, apparently he is down (I’m sure he stands to make millions, but he can make millions lots of other cool ways that don’t cheapen his brand). Maybe he feels since folks are gonna do it anyway he may as well cash in? I don’t know. I was wondering what Jay-Z thinks about it? Will Kanye come out with is own “Heartless” version next? What about Roger Troutman? I know it’s kinda played out, but can I “SMH” at this?

There are 4 commercials on Walmart.com for the product, starring T-Pain. The commercials are actually good. I am afraid to rip and embed them because the video-jack police will definitely come and shut us down, so here is a link to them: Walmart.com. Scroll down and watch the commercials they are pretty entertaining. And I definitely like the toy for a 4 year old. BUT, there’s still something that bothers me about the whole marketing of it. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe I’m just a hater?

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