February 26, 2024

DJ Revolution – King of The Bridge (Serato & Ableton demo)

Photo Credit - http://www.ascentstage.com

DJ’s and Music Technology heads take note. The following demonstration is performed by a master at work, a trained professional. Nevertheless, YOU MAY TRY THIS AT HOME! Pick one up and enjoy!

The Bridge is a new technology born of a Serato & Ableton partnership. My boy Paze Infinite first hipped me to using the Akai APC, cause he uses it to rock live performances of music he produced in Ableton, but DJ Revolution shows us just a few of the endless possibilities for serious turntablism, if you were to add this to your DJ rig, now that Serato and Ableton can be linked via The Bridge.

Play the clip below and enjoy some nasty turntablism by one of the illest DJ’s in Hip Hop, DJ Revolution. Underneath that you will hear how some veteran DJ’s Kenny Dope, Jazzy Jeff & ?uestlove feel about The Bridge. If you are a DJ/Producer yourself, especially if you already use Ableton and Serato separately, then check out http://serato.com/thebridge for more information.


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