June 23, 2024

Tonedeff – ‘Glutton’ EP (Polymer 1/4) [Download + Tracklisting + Artwork]

I have known Tonedeff for years. An MC with incredible technical ability, style and delivery, as well as a great producer, graphic artist, animator and web designer, he has been killing verses and producing tracks with my crew The PLAGUE for the past decade, from the efamm album, to songs like “Most High”,  “Alive” and the classic Plague anthem “Drugz”.  On the verge of releasing 4 EP’s, which will combine like Voltron to form his sophomore album “Polymer“, the first installment, “Glutton” is available above. If you are new to the QN5 movement, read on for some background on the man behind the ‘curtains’, QN5 Music founder Tonedeff


Besides producing tracks, spitting atomic energy and creating his own visual branding, Tonedeff founded his own Indie label QN5 Music, which spawned albums from PackFM, Substantial, CunninLynquists, Kokayi, and Ef@mm, plus various MixCD’s from the camp.

Always putting others before himself, Tonedeff put off the release of his own personal solo album, Archetype, for 8 years, instead opting to express himself on numerous one off singles, collaborations with notable artists (like KRS ONE, Domingo, Mexicano 777, Immortal Technique and others), several EP’s and collections of songs and of course, the Ef@mm album, Happy F*ck You Songs, ft. Tonedeff, PackFM, Session & Substantial. In 2005, when the mostly self produced Archetype finally did come out, it was a barrage of creative concepts and firey lyrics, filled with ‘quotables’, touching on everything from ‘perversion’ to ‘politics’.

And then …?  To quote the last line of The Usual Suspects “And like that … (whoosh) he’s gone.”  The QN5 brand continued on, releasing more albums, signing new artists, Tone recorded a singing album under an alias and created the best Podcast known to man – “Tacos & Chocolate Milk”, with best friend and callaborator PackFM. But from Tonedeff the MC? … Virtual silence.

Until now.

QN5 is proud to announce the first of 4 stylistically unique EP’s by Tonedeff, that will be combined to form his forthcoming album, Polymer.”

So what I’m trying to say is: He’s baaaaaack ….

EP #1, entitled “Glutton”, deals with the concept of excess and addiction over self-produced uptempo tracks, with additional production handled by Chew Fu & NumberNin6. Glutton will be released digitally on February 26, 2013 at QN5.com in conjunction with pre-order packages for the final physically collected version of Polymer.

The artwork for Glutton was created by Eisner Award Winning illustrator (And the first woman to ever illustrate a Batman comic book), Becky Cloonan, who will be illustrating the covers for entire Polymer series of EPs.

Known for innovative technology, marketing and branding methods, QN5 pulls out another “first” in the approach to Polymer. Each of the 4 EP’s will showcase a different facet of Tonedeff’s personality, a different theme, which when added together form a “larger … cohesive unit”. (*pause*) There’s a more scientific explanation on QN5.com:

Each EP will be denoted by the Polymer icon located on each cover, with a new molecule filled-in for each release. EP’s 1 through 3 will be released digitally, with the fourth exclusively available on the final assembled version of the physical collector’s edition of Polymer. All music on the project has been produced synthetically to follow along the idea of an actual Polymer’s synthetic structure.

Pre-orders for the signed collectors editions have already started. Pre-orders are gauranteed, after that they will be discontinued, so you don’t want to delay (QN5’s first release Efamm’s “HYFS” CD’s go for between $75 and $200 on ebay right now). If you are a Hip Hop music collector, trust me, lock in your copy today. If you just want to hear the songs, feel free to download, but 4th EP will only appear on the full physical package (dammit, pause again!).

1. Glutton [Produced By: NumberNin6]
2. Centerfold [Produced By: Chew Fu]
3. Filthy (XXX) [Produced By: Tonedeff]
4. Never [Produced By: Tonedeff]
5. Sunrise [Produced By: Tonedeff]

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