April 14, 2024

THE BOOK OF JOB Episode 1 – Starring THE BAD SEED & MIMS (Web Series)

Book of Job starring Corey Pierson Episode 1

Book-of-JobThe Book of Job is a web series, written and produced by Corey Pierson aka The Bad Seed (aka @NiggalisCage) and and directed by Corey Pierson and Arlene Brathwaite. It tells the story of a young rapper who continues to praise God no matter what tragedies befall him in his career or personal life, while the Devil (played by Corey Pierson), tries to corrupt him, take everything away from him and get him to denounce God. Who will win in this epic struggle between good and evil, God and the Devil? We will have to wait for future episodes to find out, but Episode 1 is highly entertaining. Mims as the Lord and Justin Dinkins as Job, do a great job so far hooking you in. In only a little over 20 minutes, you are rooting for the characters. Corey Pierson shines in his role as Lou Siffer, with his pimp hair and red jackets. There is a great chemistry between him and Mims in scenes where the supreme being and ruler of hell get together and make their deals.

What do you all think? Does Job have what it takes to remain committed to his faith, even with “Lou Siffer” putting potholes in his lawn? Who are you rooting for, Job or the Devil? Let us know in the comments.

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