June 24, 2024

“Say Yes” to Fresh Daily

SAY YES artwork Fresh DailyMCMI has been down with Fresh Daily since day one. (Actually before that if you count the Ill Tarzan days). Since then he has blessed us with consistent joints that are a breath of fresh air. Check out this live performance of “Whobedat?” we captured in Brooklyn awhile ago (after the jump), just to show this is not a studio MC. Fresh sounds just as good live, as mixed and mastered. True MC’s move the crowd. Prerequisite.

Here is his new song “Say Yes” produced by Shuke & Fonty, off his new project “The Quiet Life,” (out May 3rd). And the next time someone asks you have you heard the new Fresh Daily joint – and is it dope – say yes.

“Say Yes” audio and “Whobedat?” video after the jump.

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