May 29, 2024

Royce Da 5’9 “ER” Ft. Kid Vishis

This song is off of Royce’s new album “SUCCESS IS CERTAIN“.  For those that don’t know, Kid Vishis is Royce The 5’9 ‘s younger brother. He has been heating up mixtapes and dropping guest verses for a minute now and he’s no slouch. Vish spits with incredible intensity, punctuating his lyrics emphasis on every syllable, forcing you to sit up and take notice. The urgency in his voice leads you to believe he has something very important to say and you had better listen.

The first time I heard Vishis I didn’t know who he was and I remarked to someone in the room, “He kinda has a little hint of Royce 5’9. Not compeltely, but you can tell he is an influence.” That’s when my peoples laughed at me and let me know that he was indeed Royce’s lil brother, so of course he’s going to have similar vocal chords and a bit of his influence. However, upon further listening, he definitely has his own style and even different intonation. Vishis hangs back a bit more on the beat and his voice is more nasal.

I’d say the biggest difference between the two is the fact that young Vish might not have to go through the years of heartache and struggle as deals go sour and careers stall, trying to get on. He IS on, by default, due to his brother and all the connections that come with that. Now he just has to show and prove. So far, he is doing just that.  Take a listen to the new joint with Royce (Little Daddy Shane / Big Daddy Kane overdoers? The hottest brothers out this summer? hmm) and if you like what you hear, check out the song Kid Vishis has with PH and MarvWon, on PH’s album “KNOW THE LEDGE” dropping next Tuesday. You already know …

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