June 23, 2024

DJ Haze “Time Is Up” ft. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Fred The Godson

DJ HAZE and the fellas at MCMI go way way back. Somewhere between High School and College we met this cat in Brooklyn, where he is from (although he has travelled the world many times over by now, touring with GAME, Black Wall Street and as a club DJ). Well, here’s something I knew before a lot of “industry” heads did – Haze got beats! We used to have freestyle sessions in someone’s basement studio recording demos and doing local showcases to some of his tracks. I love it when the people I grew up around, who I know firsthand are the real thing, straight Hip Hop, become successful doing what they love to do – music.

Haze has been telling me about this Album and how crazy it’s gonna be for a year now. He played us some tracks in a session one time, but not this one. This joint is a certified banger. I’m pretty sure radio is going to feel the same way, at least NY radio, with the Dips on there reppin’ Harlem, plus Fred The Godson up in the Bronx. You get to hear it right now! Press play!

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