June 23, 2024

Occupy Wall Street: Outing The Ringers

Jay Smooth

If MC’s are masters of the metaphor and metaphor is the sign of genius, then Jay Smooth, founder of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show, WBAI’s Underground Railroad and host of the illest video blog on the internet, Ill Doctrine, may be both.

Check out his metaphor of Wall Street as a game of “3 card monte”, with some media outlets as “shills”, trying to distract us from seeing the game is rigged. The cops of course are the enforcers that intimidate us from getting out of line as well. I know, my own words don’t do it justice. Listen to Jay Smooth explain it over the “Rainbow in the Dark” instrumental from the hip hop group Das Racist.

A few thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, I’ve been watching it and going down there for a while now but hadn’t had a chance to speak on it.


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