May 29, 2024


If you are a sneaker head over 25 you have been waiting for these your entire life!
The Back to the future II NIKE MAG’s!!! c’mon! you remember the feeling you got when you saw Michael J Fox slip these on for the first time and THEY LACED THEMSELVES UP!?!?! That moment may be one of the main reasons you’re a sneaker head today! unfortunately they only plan on making 1500 of these bad boys in all there glowing futuristic glory (minus self lacing goodness) for sale on ebay with proceeds going to Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s research foundation.

It should be noted that this made not be the last we see of the MAG. We still have to wait for the “self-lacing” and it is still not “2015.” Think on that for a moment…

Finally as Mr. Rubin made clear to us, there will be 15o pairs sold on Ebay for 10 days (bringing us to 1500 total pairs). They will be auctioned live on at 8:30 PST and 11:30 EST.

Expect Kanye West to buy the first 1,499. And Mattel better come out with the goddamn hoverboard next year!!!
via HighSnobriety
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