June 19, 2024

[MUSIC] Kokayi – “Summery” Ft. Substantial and Tamara Wellons

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Kokayi “Summery” Ft. Substantial & Tamara Wellons.

Peace World. The weekend is here, it’s nice outside and it’s only right to have some music to go with all that awesomeness. Check out this track from my Big Bro, Kokayi, which features me and Tamara Wells.   If you haven’t picked up his amazing, critically acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs, click the link and make that happen.  You won’t be disappointed.

There is no feeling like the first summery day after a long, arduous winter, and Kokayi’s latest single  “Summery“, is the anthem for that feeling. The Grammy-nominated Washington D.C. native has been shining brightly as a multi-faceted musician since he debuted in 2007 with Mass Instructions, with side projects ranging from recording tracks for ESPN with Stalley to becoming an in-house producer for QN5 Music. His last album, Robots & Dinosaurs, released late last year, was highly acclaimed across the board, and his video for “RoxTar” recently garnered a mtvU.com Freshman Five win.

Now, as Kokayi preps a remix EP for Robots & Dinosaurs, he’s releasing for the first time a song that had previously online seen release on vinyl, “Summery.” The track starts off with a “WOO!” which is the appropriate reaction to stepping outside on a warm day. “I wanted to try and capture that sunny feeling; I wanted people to pump this as they drove with the big 18′s in the trunk, so the bass knocks,” says Kokayi, citing The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff’s ”Summertime” and the general feeling of the coming season as main inspirations for the song. Kokayi also brought on Baltimore MC and fellow QN5 label mate  Substantial and soulful songstress Tamara Wellons to complete the funky, carefree production. “Substantial is the homie; his perspective and voice always mesh well with the sonic creations I come up with,” explains Kokayi. “Tamara was a no-brainer. She is a good friend and I love the tone of her voice, it just oozes sunshine.”

Stay in Peace

Kokayi – “Summery” Ft. Substantial and Tamara Wellons

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