May 30, 2024

MCMI REPORT: Top 10 Things ‘Underground Rappers’ Who Hate ‘The Mainstream’ Say [Dutch Vega]

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Note: Being an MC himself and being surrounded by up and coming MC’s while participating in and organizing countless rap battles, ya boy Dutch Vega has heard it all, so I asked him to post his Top 10 things “underground” rappers say about so-called “Mainstream” Hip Hop, up on – GMS

Top 10 Things ‘Underground Rappers’ Who Hate ‘The Mainstream’ Say:

1) Oh you’re a [Insert Famous Rapper Name] fan!?”…”He’s a [other rapper’s name] dickrider.”

2) “If I had their budget I could sell that many records.”

3) “I could write a song like that easily, I just don’t write trash.”

4) “The music on the radio isn’t REAL Hip-Hop.”

5) “If he gave my music the same chance he gave [insert famous rapper name] he’d like my music more.”

6) “I’m better than [insert famous rappers name], he’s just signed to a major label is all.”

7) “There’s no good music on the radio.”

8) “If it wasn’t for politics, I’d be famous already.”

9) [Famous rapper] isn’t really talented, he/she just has major label marketing & promotion”

10) “I could sign to a label IF I WANTED TO, I just don’t wanna be signed to a label, I’d RATHER stay Indy.”

^^LMAOOOOOOOOOO that’s the biggest bold-face lie ever! But to be honest, the whole list is a lie they tell themselves, to keep themselves as deluded as they usually are! – Dutch Vega

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