June 19, 2024

Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary (Kickstarter)

Even though I was SUUUPER young, I remember the day Graffiti Rock first came on like it was yesterday. My big brother was hyped and I was pouting because the show would air past my bedtime. After some pleading with my mom I was allowed to stay up and watch history in the making. This show changed everything! Hip hop was legitimized on national TV! In all forms! And though my 5yr old self found the host a bit corny (sorry Michael!) that didn’t change the fact that the Breakers were NYC street legends, The music was hip hop and the “battle” between Run DMC and the Treacherous Three was EPIC! Kool Moe Dee just mopped the floor with everyone!?! whoaaaaa!!!!
Needless to say this show made a big impact on me and many other so I’m definitely supporting the Kickstarter campaign to re-master it re-release it with TONS of new never before seen footage. check the video out for more info and/or CLICK THE LINK.

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